What in any other states. The USA would

What in any other states. The USA would

What would the world be like without the full faith and credit clause or extradition? No justice for criminals and free living? Well imagine being able to go to a state, clash and bash anything and everything, and be able to leave the state, if your lucky, and not be prosecuted for any crimes in any other state. The only problem would be that you wouldnt be able to go to that state anymore without being paranoid of being prosecuted or jailed.Basically the full faith and credit clause or extradition, is the act or rules that states. if someone is to be responsible for breaking a crime or law, they cannot just leave to another state and not be followed up on and just go free, they must be caught and tried for a crime within the state they reside.

The law helps states work together to catch and prosecute any individuals whom causes a crime and jumps from state to state. To see the United States of America as a country with no extradition in its laws would surely have a problem with security and justice. There would be many people running all over breaking the laws and getting away free of any charges in any other states.

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The USA would be very hazardous and if the law were to not be at the start of our countrys beginnings, there might not have been a United States of America today. Many of this countrys outlaws might have run all over our country doing things their way. If anything, the states might have been fighting amongst them-selves over one state not doing something to catch its criminals and prosecute them. The country would basically be in a rut and not be able to function as a country.

Its a good thing that full faith and credit and extradition exists today. Who knows what might have become of our country…

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