The had different motives for discovering the

The had different motives for discovering the

The world is always making new progress and discovering new ideas. People are needed and to discover new places. Like the first European explorers, astronauts of today must go where no man has gone before. Both of them must conqueror their fears of dying by trying to discover beyond what most already know.

European explorers and astronauts of today have similarities and differences in motives, the personal qualities needed, and the challenges faced. European explorers had different motives for discovering the new land. The four main motives for going to explore the rest of the world were the desire for wealth and power, religious aims, the Renaissance spirit, and improvements in technology. For astronauts the main motives for going into space are almost infinite. the main one was to see what was going on out there; pure curiosity. the European explorers had the same curiosity that today’s astronauts had and will have.

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In order to go and discover such places, certainly qualities are needed. The Europeans still had thought that the world was flat. People such as Columbus took this risk to find out the truth. Many of the early voyages and even success, and the discoverers became famous. The astronauts of today have become famous by going on the moon and doing what no other man had done before.

Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon opened many new doors. Without the of bravery and courage that those men have and still will go through, we might have never come this far. It took so long for these things to be discovered because many town is came along the way. But the bigger the price you pay, the more you are going to receive. The European explorers did not discover America in a day. It didn’t take NASA 30 seconds to build a rocket. Back in the times, when people thought that new lands and Space Flight were crazy, others pressed on disregarding the insults and the media(or public back when the first European explorers were around.

Remember Rome was not built in a day! Just like Rome, the astronauts and explorers took time to discover what they found. As anyone can see, there are many differences between the astronauts of today and explorers of yesterday. The times is need and challenges along the way were both different in each situation. Somehow, both pulled through. Thanks to them, we have so much. Both contributed to our world greatly.


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