ingThe curb all of the additional costs. Someone

ingThe curb all of the additional costs. Someone

ingThe main idea of this article is that the Insurance companies have had to deal with the rising cost of health insurance for a while and can no longer handle the expense of it so they must pass this increase onto the consumers.

The prices of health care and prescriptions that were not available before are now a matter of everyday medical practice.Facts to support the idea:The conditions we are treating these days are very necessary but also very expensive. Chemotherapy, laser vision correction, and cholesterol medications are just a few of these important advances.The medical community has eliminated a great amount of waste in the system but this still will not curb all of the additional costs. Someone has to pay the price.Companies are trying new ways to reduce the costs of medications for people who need pharmaceuticals and could be hampered by the rising costs of drugs through their insurance program.The article explains some of the good and bad about our health care delivery system.

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We are free to pick and choose not only our own heath care providers, but also, our own choice of how to pay for it. For example, the ability to call in a prescription to find out the least expensive for of the drug we need. (Ch 1 p 13) Like our book, the article goes along with the market justice principal: that medical care is delivered on the basis of the people’s willingness to pay for it. (Ch 2 p54-55) The insurance companies can pass on this cost to us because we are in a position that we are willing to pay for it.

The services and medications give us a better quality of life, therefore, we as consumers, will pay for it.Consumer/Centric- Consumer driven, focused, and based.

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