“Excuse me

“Excuse me

“Excuse me, is that your phone?”
“Yes…? Why wouldn’t it be?”
“It’s just…did you pay for it”
“What, of course I paid for it”
“I just thought…did you come here on a boat?”
“What kind of question is that? In what world is it ok to ask someone whether they came on a boat? If you want to know so bad fine – I didn’t come here by boat, my family moved here legally over twenty years ago and I was born here. I am an Australian citizen same as you”
“Jesus calm down, it was just a question no need to get your head towel in a knot!”
“I’m sorry?”
“I said no need to get your head towel in a knot!”
“I know what you said. I don’t comment on your clothing choices, what gives you the right to insult mine?”
“We took you in, we saved you! So why no show some respect, if you call yourself Australian dress like Australians!”
“But this is what I feel comfortable in, this is who I am.”


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