Every millennial is looking for something new

Every millennial is looking for something new

Every millennial is looking for something new, an adventurous place to have fun, be entertained and have a break in past stressful days. Rainforest Adventure Experience (RAVE) in Pasig City is the best place for you to spend at. It is a public park wherein you can experience various adventures and appreciate the beauty of the nature. The place is so relaxing which can make you forget all about your bad thoughts, anxieties and stress. It is open for everyone, and a best place for celebrating special occasion such as reunions, receptions or debut.
RAVE have different attractions inside the park which includes Flower Park, Botanical Garden, Pasig Zoo, Boating Lagoon, Camping Area, Mini Train Station, Picnic Grove, Rave Amphitheater, Water Park Pools, Adventure Park, aMaze Garden, Fitness Center, Kiddie Play ground and Tennis and Basketball Courts.
The first destination is the Flower park composed of various of flowers where you can snap photos that will look good for your Instagram. The second destination is botanical garden, you will see how colorful butterflies are as they freely fly around the little garden that is full of flowers. Before you enter the park, there is also a chart that explains the cycle of the butterfly and on the other side, is a visual presentation of how butterflies will evolve. The third destination is the Pasig Zoo, it consists of an aviary, vivarium and a petting zoo where you can interact and feed the animals. As an animal lover, it is certain you will love this place. The fourth destination is the boating lagoon. It is man-made lagoon wherein you can experience to relax with the boat while pedaling and be with the various kinds of fishes along the way. The fifth destination is in the camping area. You will feel relax with their accommodation in tree houses. Imagine how this camping area is well ventilated with fresh air from all those planted trees around you. One could have a peaceful and quiet night. The sixth destination is the mini train station. It is good for kids and for those who are lazy or tired walking. It only takes 10-15 minutes, to explore the forest park, in just one sitting. However it is recommended to better walk for a clearer view of the park. The seventh destination is the picnic grove. Enjoy your lunch with their nipa hut and if you like to have a picnic just bring your own under layer and have a fun time eating with your friends, family or relatives. The eighth destination is the RAVE amphitheater. It is great for celebrating special occasions such as debuts, kiddie parties, weddings and more. The ninth destination is the Water Park Pools. Have an exciting experience with the slides and get ready to be splashed by the cold water. The tenth destination is the adventure park. It helps you to face your fears and try your strength with their extreme sports such as skate park, rappelling and wall climbing, an obstacle course and zip line. This is a place for team building and outdoor activities. The eleventh destination is aMaze garden. It looks like it a place one would see in Alice in Wonderland that would feel as if you are a lost princess hunting and being by your prince. Try to escape with their maze garden. It is really amazing. The twelfth destination is the fitness center and the basketball and tennis courts. For those who are sporty it is a place for you and for those who want to achieve that fit body, join in their gym and zumba class. The last destination is the kiddie playground. It the same with the adventure park but it’s only a mini obstacle course good for children.
Either by your own ride or by commuting, this destination will surely make the trip of going there, worth it. RAVE in general has no admission fee but if you visit each attraction, each has their own entrance fee but all at unreasonable and very affordable prices. The rate is usually just around 10 – 30 pesos only.
If you are a Pasig resident, present your ID to them and you will get a discount. You don’t need to go a long way to see such a wonderful view and have an adventurous experience. In Pasig City, the Rainforest Adventure Park can provide them all in a very affordable budget. For those residents of Cainta Rizal the best route is to go along Lifehomes. If you are more of an independent traveler, you should prepared for a 8.00 fare. Once you had arrived at Lifehomes you should go towards the direction of the bridge. With an estimate of 8.00 worth of fare, the ride should be able to cover you until you finally reach RAVE. Unless you want to get there faster, you must prepare P 60 for your solo/ special ride.
You will definitely enjoy your trip have new memories and bond with a unique nature that you can only see on Rainforest Adventure Experience Park. Everything is worth it.


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