Every day before I head out

Every day before I head out

Every day before I head out, I make sure that I have my keys, my phone, and my wallet. I carry these things everywhere I go. But, I carry even more things that cannot be seen. Among these things, I carry my strengths, my weaknesses, my failures, my successes, my aspirations, my opinions, and more. These things go with me wherever I go, no matter how hard I try to not think about them. These things that I carry are unforgettable, and they have shaped who I am.
Talk about the negative things that I carry (150 words)
Wherever I go, I carry my failures, weaknesses, and phobias with me. These things allow me to judge what I am doing to ensure that I do not fail again, do something that I’m bad at, and to insure that I stay safe. Even though these things have a negative connotation, they allow me to make the correct decisions. My freshman year of high school I came in with the thought that I was so good at math that I did not have to study. I ended up failing my first math test, and this failure has and always will stick with me. Every time I am about to overestimate myself, I think about this case where I was wrong, and I then can correctly judge myself. This has allowed me to get better grades in classes, and to be an overall better person.


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