The LBC program uses the scores from

The LBC program uses the scores from

The LBC program uses the scores from the personality profiles to sort through the different positions and suggest the performance levels of employees. Of course the members you enter into the program must have the necessary qualifications to do the job but the program will show you in black and white which ones are the ones most likely to succeed and why.

How it worksThe personality profile is entered into the program for each employee considered. A separate report will be produced for each employee entered. All position scores will be printed first. These scores show you how well the applicant scored in each open position. Each position score is based on a score of 100.

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A score of 51 to 75 means the applicant has the right personality and traits to do the job, but is weak in some areas. A score of over 75 means the applicant has the right personality and traits to do a good job. Of course, they also need the education and experience.

All scores are produced by a database produced over the years on each position used. Thousands of reports were used to compare traits and personalities to positions. Much like your benchmark files.A score below 50 does not print out and would be a safe assumption, the applicant doesn’t have the personality and traits to do the job. A score of 51 to 60 could be gray. Studies found scores ranging very low and very high for two applicants with the same personality ! The traits were the difference.

You will know immediately if the applicant should be considered for the higher evaluation. If they score well on the report, do your personal interview and dig deeper.The remainder of the report will provide additional information on which to base your next interview selection and the key points you will have to deal with. This will insure your evaluations are consistent and the team will work well together the first time through.Selecting a new personnel can be made easy with this program. After you have run the personality profiles on all job applicants and have chosen a few to interview, run the program and use all applicants for the reports.

This will provide valuable information about each applicant and will show you the number 1 choice. This program is based on impression management, which is a natural consequence of interpersonal activity, and impressions that will be influenced regardless of intentions. Because people’s observations are in the context of their perceptions of reality rather than objective reality, impression management provides a means for actively communicating qualities and abilities, rather than relying on observation alone. Furthermore, impression management, as a means of packaging permits communication of more comprehensive information than is available otherwise. Accountability, in providing audiences and evaluators, produces a rich context for impression management efforts.Poetry Essays

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