Ethical for all staff members to know

Ethical for all staff members to know

Ethical Audit Questions HSM 230 Board: Does the board let each board member know what is expected of them? This is important because it is important for all members to know what is expected of them. All tasks must be clear so the members know what goals to work towards which will also improve staff performance and the organization as a whole. Staff: Do staff members show good partnership skills? It is important for all staff members to know how to work with each other.

This will help the whole staff to work together toward common goals. This will also help staff members to communicate with each other.Donors and Fundraisers: Are the donors aware of the way their money is helping the organization? Donors like to see results of their donations. The donors like to see that they are helping the organization with their donations. They should know what changes or improvements have been made because of their donations.

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Donors like to see how their money is being spent as well. Showing the donors how much they have helped will also make them want to continue to donate to the organization. Clients and Customers: Do clients and customers know their rights and responsibilities as customers and clients?Clients and customers should be aware of their rights as well as their responsibilities as customers and clients to the organization. They need to be aware of these so they know what they can do and what the organization expects of them as their clients and customers. Volunteers: Are there benefits for volunteers such as bonuses, rewards, or workman’s compensation? Volunteers are important and it is important for them to feel appreciated by an organization. Giving rewards or bonuses for outstanding work will not only show the volunteers the organizations appreciation but will also keep them interested in continuing to volunteer.

If a worker gets hurt, it is important that they know that the company will take care of them because they appreciate them. Society: Does the organization seek opinions and suggestions from society? It is important for the organization to include society when they are working with society. This will show society that the organization cares about their opinions and thoughts as well. Accepting opinions and suggestions will also show that the organization cares about society as a whole and is willing to listen to their suggestions also. Taking suggestions and listening to opinions may also help to improve the organization as well as society.

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