Thinking loan| The Fairness or Justice Approach|

Thinking loan| The Fairness or Justice Approach|

Thinking Ethically: A Framework for Moral Decision Making Critical Thinking 1. Describe briefly each the five approaches to solving ethical dilemma. a. The Utilitarian Approach: the action which can bring the greatest benefits and the least harm. b. The Rights Approach: the moral actions which are the one respect the moral rights of everyone.

(the basic rights include the right of the truth; the right of privacy; the right not to be injured and the right to what is agreed) c.The Fairness or Justice Approach: the action that treats everyone in the same way. d. The Common-Good Approach: the action that individual in the society shares the common value and goals. e.

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The Virtue Approach: an ideal action that people develop moral virtues as their characteristics. 2. Set up a table for the five approaches and show how each approaches would address The Case of Maria Elena Approach| Solution| The Utilitarian Approach| 1.Fire Maria because hiring an undocumented worker will bring some risks and also may be unethical; 2. Hire another cleaner who is with a legal status| The Rights Approach| 1. Help Maria get some rights from the related government and try to assist her in regularizing her immigration status; 2.

Give her additional money or help her get some loan| The Fairness or Justice Approach| 1. Keep going to hire Maria and don’t look down to her or fire her because of her current situation. . Pay for her some additional money| The Common-Good Approach| 1.

Pay for Maria additional money; 2. Give her family some help, such as supply her children some stationery or some food. 3.

Go to the US consulate and apply for a visa for herself, her husband and kids. | The Virtue Approach| 1. Pay for Maria additional money and often care about her family; 2. Ask related communities for giving Maria’s family, especially her kids some help.


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