Ethics actions will be necessary to achieve

Ethics actions will be necessary to achieve

Ethics At Hancock Manufacturing, Inc. , we expect that all of our employees, officers and directors will treat each other, our customers, and our suppliers with goodwill, trust, and respect. As a company, we value honesty, high ethical standards and compliance with laws, rules and regulations (Code, 2011) . Hancock Manufacturing promote a culture of ethical conduct and compliance among our supervisory leadership, we developed video training that presents six, four-minute workplace scenarios featuring the giving and receiving of respectful advice and feedback.

The training is designed to build awareness and skill in leaders who supervise others so they understand their ethical impact on the workplace through their actions, comments, and decisions. Each scenario presents a situation, an analysis, and a recommended approach for handling the situation. A supervisor’s response or lack thereof to daily issues shapes Hancock’s ethical culture. The video is subtitled in multiple languages, and we will continue its deployment in 2011 via the Internet and the Hancock intranet (Ethics,2011).

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ConclusionAs Hancock Manufacturing develop strong business ethics, technology, diversity, and globalization that helps us define what we are responsible for, to whom we are responsible and why, and what initiatives and actions will be necessary to achieve our longer-term goals. We are continuing to take resolute steps in order to lead the way to a new era and help create a high performing workforce. References (2011). Ethic and compliance Program; retrieved from; http:// www. alcoa.

com (2011). Code of Business Conduct; retrieved from: http:// www. simpsonmtgethics. com

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