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Fear an opportunity to move on from the

Fear and foresight have a major impact in many of our life altering choices when provided with time to think the decision through. Before making life-altering decisions there is the foresight component, in which we make predictions about what the result of our decision will be, and the fear part of it, in which we …

Why rate is probably higher in those

Why is the movie Chinatown called Chinatown? The movie is called Chinatown for many reasons. The story leads up to a point where everything sort of resolves and it does it in Chinatown. To my understanding most of the Americans think of Chinatowns across the country as dangerous places. Because it is not to their …

The burritos. We tend to be continuously influenced

The Allegory of the Cave Compare elements of your own life to the imagery in the Allegory of the Cave. What was Plato’s point? The Allegory of the Cave by Plato represents an exaggerated metaphor that is contrasted in the way we perceive and believe what reality really is. In the story, prisoners are chained …

Ashley time in front of television sets, therefore

Ashley Hanshaw Negative Effects of Television on Elementary Aged Kids In today’s society television plays such an immense role in our everyday lives that it is difficult to see if it influences a child’s behavior. The article “Television Violence” says that television has the prospective of being a very beneficial learning tool if it is …


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