Langston they have distance between them. Hughes applied

Langston they have distance between them. Hughes applied

Langston Hughes’s, “Early Autumn,” is an example of something that can happen in everyday life. The conflict in this story shows how one decision can result in a time of sadness. I believe the author uses the end of fall and the beginning of winter to show just how cold and empty the relationship is between the characters.

It could represent that there was nothing to say, in the story it seemed like she was happier to see him than he was or maybe he was in shock. “The leaves fell slowly from the trees in the Square.Fell without wind. ” These two characters used to be in love, and she decided to go with someone else, this can show that everything has a season and a time for things to happen whether its love or anything else, if it’s not meant to happen it won’t happen.

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The author also states that its cold outside this can show the feeling they both felt between each other, they both remembered what happened and that they grew apart and pain probably hit them just as the cold hits you when you’re outside.It shows that Mary may still have feelings for him while Bill, on the other hand, was very uncomfortable about seeing Mary again and participates in the conversation to not seem rude, but he seems hurt. After so many years, he would probably never thought that he would see her again and seeing her again brought back memories of pain and loneliness that he didn’t want back, no one would. He made it a point to show how well he was doing by saying “I’m a lawyer.

Nice firm, way downtown. ” “Married yet? ” “Sure. Two kids. ” He wanted to show that they live two different worlds and they have distance between them. Hughes applied the words “young and old” to show the contrast in the time passed since they last saw each other and their age. This story shows that space and time changes people.

Mary and Bill were once in love but just like autumn, everything falls from their root that had brought them together in love.

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