Megan get jealous of their wife’s best

Megan get jealous of their wife’s best

Megan Smith Prof Judy Le English 231 20 October, 2011 title For centuries men have puzzled over the bond of women. Women share a lot in common with each other, not just physically but emotionally. They share their deepest secrets with their best friends, sisters or mother; never telling their husbands or other men in their life.

Most men get jealous of their wife’s best friend because the friendship between two women is unlike any other. We see these bonds played out in “L’Amitie: To Mrs. M.

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Awbrey” by Katherine Philips and “Globlin Market” by Christina Rossetti. The bonds these females have with each other is strong and passionate, sacrificial even, making these alliances virtually indestructible. First, “L’Amitie: To Mrs. M. Awbrey”, the word L’Amitie is a French, feminine noun that means friendship, liking, and kindness. So before reading the poem we know that Philips is writing a letter to her friend Mrs.

M. Awbrey. The poem starts in line one with Philips calling Awbrey “my Joy, my crown, my friend! . Awbrey is a treasure to Philips, she brings happiness just like a best friend should.

She goes on in line three and says that their souls have grown by their matchless friendship resulting in which the more knowledgeable minds of others do not understand. It’s almost like these two women have grown up together and have gotten very close to each other and now no one understands the strength of their friendship. In those days women were suppose to put their husbands above everything else and submitt to them.But Philips is writing about the love she shares with her best friend, I can imagine the kinds of controversy people had especially men when reading this poem.

Therefore, the strength of friendship between Awbrey and Philips is very strong. “I have no thought but what’s to thee reveal’d, Nor thou desire that is from me conceal’d. Thy heart locks up my secrets richly set, And my breast is they private cabinet” (lines 7-10). Philips is describing here that they tell each other everything and keep their secrets they tell locked ightly in their hearts.

These qualities are what make a friendship so strong, being open and honest but trustworthy as well. Sometimes strong friendships between people can be intimidating. And that’s exactly what their friendship does because she says in lines fifteen and sixteen “Let the dull world alone to talk and fight And with their vast ambitions nature fright”, the words fight and fright are vulnerable words, she makes it seem like the world is intimidated and causing people to disagree with each other.Second, in “Goblin Market“, the female bond is between sisters Lizzie, and Laura. Rossetti explains their relationship on page three by saying “like two pigeons in one nest folded in each other’s wings”, they are inseparable. Lizzie is very protective of Laura and tells her to be weary of the goblin men and their fruit twice. Lizzie is very caring and loves her sister so much that she becomes a sacrifice to save Laura’s life.

Nothing can display more love and care than a sacrifice.To sacrifice means to surrender or give up for the sake of something else. Lizzie was beaten by the goblins for the sake of saving her sisters life. Her willingness to endure pain and humiliation shoes how much she loves her sister and that she would do anything for her.

In return making their relationship even stronger than before. Third, the importance of these female bonds is that they are unchanging and strong, nothing can come between them. Lizzie and Laura would not let the goblins have power over their life.And Philips and Awbrey share their deepest secrets and make fun of the men that don’t understand, “To pitty Kings and Conquerours despise,– since we that sacred union have engrost, which they and all the sullen world have lost” (lines 20-22). Strength is a quality of power, therefore the strength in these bonds makes these women powerful.

Both these authors have portrayed the idea that women are just as strong if not stronger than men. An when women bond together they are even more powerful.When Rossetti describes the sisters as “two blossoms on one stem” (pg 3) and Philips says in line 13 “united thus, what horrour can appeare”, these two quotes are describing the unity that each bond has.

In which I think that unity along with strength is what makes groups powerful. In conclusion, women are a force to be reckon with. When we bond and confide in each other we grow stronger and closer together. Heads turn and people are confused and intimidated by our alliances.

Rossetti and Philips do a great job of portraying different bonds between women, but you will never fully understand the bond we share unless you are a woman.

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