ENCS 6821 Development and Global Engineering Assignment Submitted to Dr

ENCS 6821 Development and Global Engineering Assignment Submitted to Dr

ENCS 6821 Development and Global Engineering

Submitted to
Dr. Govind Gopakumar

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Submitted by Student Id
Shubham Sharma 40070540

Fall 2018

Title – Aira the remote assistant
Objective – Assistance provided to the blind
Source for project – http://theinstitute.ieee.org/technology-topics/consumer-electronics/three-lifechanging-innovations-for-people-with-disabilities
Development challenge – People with disability face certain day to day hurdles so they need some sort of assistance to overcome those problems.
Summary – This project is concerning the disability of blindness. Blind person can lead a normal life with all the proper training for the daily works such as reading and walking but the problem arises when some unusual activity takes place such as regarding a case if a construction activity is going on routine walkway a normal person can figure out the new way to reach the destination but a blind person may find it difficult and there Aira, a remote personal assistant, could lead the person to the destination.
Aira, the device is basically a spectacles comprises of inbuilt camera and other smart tech touch. If the prior situation arises for the person with the blind disability touches the smart touch of the spectacles then an automatic call is connected with the representative who uses the laptop to connect with the person’s spectacle’s camera and can track the location of the person and gives the instruction accordingly. The main person’s behind this project are Suman Kanuganti and Yuja Chang. These type of project can lead to the development challenge for the person with the disability. Some of the problems faced in the project is about the number of minutes a person with disability getting is varies from US $89 to $329 which could be expensive for some, but even if you run of minutes the representative won’t disconnect while call is in effect.

Title – AutoBed
Objective – To achieve maximum output from the available resource in the medical infrastructure in the time of the medical emergency
Source for project – https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/healthcare-information-technology/how-bed-tracking-technology-allowed-mt-sinai-medical-center-to-reduce-admission-wait-times.html
Development challenge – This project concerns the development as the health access betterment in the medical industry using the available resources.
Summary – This project is related to the hospital industry as it gives the new method for coping with the minimal but reasoned issue in the utilizing the available resources with the additional requests by the applicants. The main leading organizations involved in this are the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City in partnership GE healthcare in this IoT driven software. The development held supports the health access in the public with the additional requests. As the number of beds available for the patients are numbered to 1,100 and around 59,000 patients are admitted annually in this hospital which can make the decision for the hospital staff somewhat difficult.
By the usage of the AutoBed the long waiting hours for the emergency room visit to be completed have been slashed by approximately 50% for the patients who needs the inpatient care. These could be related with the huge number occupancy rate with over 90% constant bed occupancy rate and also getting ready for the incoming patients to the hospital and facing other issues like nurse proximity and to effectively triage bed requests.

Title – Hippo Water Rollers
Objective – Access to clean water in the rural area
Source for project – https://www.hipporoller.org/
Development challenge – this project concerns with the development as the empowerment of the people to have a clean and drinkable water easily accessible
Summary – The project is related to the availability or the access to the clean water for the daily usage in the country of South Sudan. The main personalities leading this project are Grant Gibbs as the founder of this project with Eli Magok Manyol and Thomas Maker as the local support in the country of the South Sudan. The development challenge of empowerment is being considered while working on the project because of the scenario’s seen in the country, the country’s water table is very high just 10-15 meters below the ground level but the water infrastructure is unavailable due to which the local people have to fetch water from the long distances.
The fetching of the water not only worsens the primary availability of the human being but there are other reasons supporting this project such as the every member of the family has to contribute in the collection of the water accordingly. But in these cases maximum limit was the 25 Lt of can and that too contribute in the spinal and skull injuries in the people of the area. This lead to the innovation of the hippo rollers which comes with the capacity of the 90 Lt and is easy to move even by the children. One of the major problems faced initially was the monetary investment and the technology to manufacture but these were overcome by generosity of some kind donations.


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