EMKAY Group is one of Malaysia’s premier property developers involved in a residential

EMKAY Group is one of Malaysia’s premier property developers involved in a residential

EMKAY Group is one of Malaysia’s premier property developers involved in a residential, commercial properties, office buildings and resort development. I choose one leader in this an organization which is Encik Megat Hasnol Rizwa. His position in EMKAY Group as a manager of marketing group. Manager of marketing group can be categorized in a middle manager. Middle management is the intermediate leadership level of a hierarchical organization, being subordinate to the top management but above the lowest levels of operational employees.

His job responsibility as a middle manager is a functional managers. Functional managers is the manager who have to take duties for one department in an organization like marketing department, production department and others. For an example Encik Megat Hasnol Rizwa have authority to marketing department because he is the manager of the department. So, the team will follow all the direction by Encik Megat and they will have the same background of training and they also will be perfume the same task.

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The manager’s responsibility for managing relationships with organizational members and constituents. There are three interpersonal roles which is figurehead, leader and liaison. Figurehead as a symbolic head which is required to attend a ceremonial nature. For an example, Encik Megat attending his employees’ wedding. It is show that he fulfill his role as a figurehead. Besides that, he also serve as a leader. Managers responsible for their organization and give a direction for his workers. As an example, he must ensure that his subordinate do their work and achieve company’s goals. Finally, managers serve as liaison. Managers must maintain their network with outside contact that provide information. For an example, he should have connecting with outside constituents to achieve their objective.

The manager’s responsibility for gathering and disseminating information to the stakeholders of the organization. Informational roles include monitor, disseminator and spokesperson. Monitor is when the manager scan internal and external environment of their surroundings that can affect their organization. For an example, Encik Megat monitor and scan the organization by reading report or through rumors or ask his employees. Next, managers serve as a disseminator. Managers responsible to pass the important information about the company to their subordinator. As an example, he share the information that he receive from the top manager to his workers through group meeting. Finally, he also serve as a spokesperson. Managers must always communicate to people outside of their organization. For an example, he must represent the information to outsiders about the company like board directors.

The managers process all the information and get the conclusion. It is divide to 4 categories which is entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator and negotiator. Firstly, disturbance handler is managers must take responsible and solve the conflict that arise. For an example, the employees demand for higher pay so the managers must take action to recover the problem. Then, negotiator is the managers negotiate with the people outsides represent their deals. For an example, he negotiate with the supplier to give the best price for them to ensure achieve the target of company.

Conceptual skills is the ability of managers to identify the difficult situation. The middle managers do not have a conceptual skills as much as human skills. For an example, Encik Megat Hasnol Rizwa able to identify if his department have any problem about the production but his conceptual skills not much as a human skills.

The ability to communicate and motivate the employees effectively. Human skills are important to middle managers because there need to coordinate their workers. As an example, Encik Megat Hasnol Rizwa give the motivation to his team to improve the production to achieve their target.

The ability to perform a specific task that involve tools and need techniques. The middle managers not have this skills as much as human skills. This skills more to first-line managers. For an example, Encik Megat Hasnol Rizwa have a knowledge about how to handle a machine when it have a problem but he do not know how to fix it.

The managers looking ahead by setting the objectives and try the best to achieve it by take action to do a good job. For an example, Encik Megat must have a plan by setting the target such as want to increase the profit for this year better than last year. So, he must think the best way to achieve his target.

The managers arrange the team by collecting all the information and resources to make sure their task will be done. As an example, Encik Megat divided all the task and managed it to his employees to make sure all the task are done to achieve their objectives.

The managers must give instruction and motivation to their workers so that they can achieve the mission of the organization. For an example, Encik Megat motivating and directing his teams about a project that they need to make it.

The managers should measure and compare the performance of the organization. He also should taking action correcting the deviations if it is happen. As an example, Encik Megat measuring work in progress of the organization to make sure the organization is moving forward to achieve the goals.


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