ELLE earners. As Robbie Myers, Editor in

ELLE earners. As Robbie Myers, Editor in

ELLE Magazine Publication & Audience Analysis Introduction of Publication. ELLE is a fashion magazine that began in France in 1945 when sellers were transitioning from the sales-oriented era into the market-oriented era, which is characterized by marketing based on a determined target market and focusing on what consumers want and need. Adhering to this prevailing notion of the time, ELLE’s aspiration to advise females of the latest trends in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and relationships has satisfied many women’s needs and wants by inspiring them to begin a new life after World War II.Targeted User Profile and Audience Dimensions. ELLE employs a unique mix of all four segmentation techniques, namely geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioural segmentation.

Geographically, ELLE segments their market nationally, distributing different issues in different countries to account for the variation in fashion sense and consumer behaviour. In fact, it is currently the largest fashion magazine, with 39 international editions in 60 countries. With respect to demographics, ELLE’s readers are composed of 90% females and the median age of all readers is 33. , with approximately 54% ranging from ages 18 to 34 and 52% from 25 to 49. This indicates that ELLE’s target market consists mostly of middle-aged women and less of teenagers, as is evidenced throughout the magazine which is dominated by clothing advertisements with mature styles and through the “ELLE Beauty Anti-Aging” section of the magazine. ELLE targets female audiences with photographs of beautiful female models in fashionable clothes and make-ups, and also with features such as ELLE Shops, ELLE Beauty, ELLE Fashion, and ELLE Fitness.

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Moreover, ELLE’s readers are high income earners with a median HHI of $71, 894 and 47. 7% of readers have incomes higher than $75,000. The number of employed readers forms 68. 4% of ELLE’S total readers, corresponding to the large proportion of high income earners. As Robbie Myers, Editor in Chief, says: “Our readers are young enough to think about life as an adventure and old enough to have the means to live it” (Wikipedia). Reach/Breadth of Circulation.

ELLE has an average circulation of 1,105,456 copies, with 813,879 (74%) copies accounting for subscriptions and the remaining 291,577 (26%) are single sales.This indicates that the majority of ELLE’s consumers are loyal, which consistently contributes to ELLE’s revenue stream. ELLE retains 30. 5% of the total market share, which is the largest share among all its competitors. Furthermore, there is an average of 4. 87 readers per copy of ELLE’s magazine, indicating a total reach of 5,383,571 readers. Even with a price of $4.

16, which is one of the more expensive fashion magazines, ELLE is able to maintain its market share due successful marketing to its determined target market of high income earners who can afford luxury items. Chamilia Advertisement & Integration DiscussionDescription of Advertisement. Chamilia is an international jewellery company that sells customized jewellery according to customer’s requests. Unlike other advertisements in the magazine, Chamilia distinguishes its advertisement by using a cartoon drawing of a town instead of a professional photo shoot of a model. The whole drawing is black and white except for the grand fountain in the centre of the picture, which is represented by two large red beads stacked one over the other.

Surrounding the fountain are houses, some in the shape of a high-heel boot, some like lipsticks, and some like perfume bottles.Moreover, within each window are beads that are also presented with colour, which captures the audience’s attention from the rest of the picture. Walking around in the town are businessmen and women holding suitcases, implying the advertisement’s targeted market. The picture fills the top half of the page, leaving the bottom of the page for a short paragraph written in gold and titled in bold: “Welcome to the World of Chamilia. ” Beneath that, yet, is a small picture of a bracelet made up of gold and red beads and below is the brand name printed in large font and their slogan, “Your Life.Your Style.

” Positioning Statement and Benefits Offered to Target. Through close analysis of the advertisement and Chamilia’s slogan, which can also act as a positioning statement, it is apparent that Chamilia is appealing to consumers as a company where customers can discover their own personalized style in jewellery. Through the use of a drawn picture, Chamilia’s message through the advertisement is that they can assist their customers in exercising their creativity and retaining control in painting their own unique world of fashionable jewellery.

Furthermore, Chamilia claims this can be accomplished while maintaining high quality of the resulting piece of jewellery, as indicated in their advertisement by telling consumers that they can “design combinations of dazzling sterling silver, 14k gold, Swarovski crystal, colored stones and Italian Murano glass” (ELLE). This is furthered by their website, which describes their company as one where your “…options are endless. Create a special piece around a…style that’s meaningful to you.Your finished designs will be as dazzling as they are personal” (Chamilia). The benefits that can be derived from customers also include the satisfaction of social needs.

Chamilia provides their customers with products that identify them as belonging to a higher status in society. Target Market of Chamilia. The advertisement is targeted at sophisticated women with unique preferences in the style and quality of jewellery they wear. This can be shown through the use of chic items, such as stylish high heel boots, lipsticks, and perfume, in the advertisement.These women do not view jewellery as simply an accessory to match with their clothes, but as an indicator of their upper status in society.

Usually, these are high income earners who have a decent career, represented by the businessmen and women in the drawing. They have a significant amount of excess income left after fulfilling their needs in life and are seeking for pleasure in satisfying their wants as well. In relation to high income, the targeted age group of Chamilia is mainly women between 18 to 40 years old, since the style of their beads are mature and the price is costly for a average teenage girl.Final Analysis. Analyzing on a surface level, ELLE is the right medium for Chamilia to advertise since both are targeting the same demographical market.

Both attract mainly mature women with high income of similar ages. Also, both are targeting consumer’s social needs when referring to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs by providing a fashionable sense and allowing consumers to interact better within their societal class. On a less obvious level, ELLE and Chamilia target the same segment of the market with respect to consumers’ psychological and behavioural needs.Through psychographic segmentation, ELLE segments and targets consumers that are confident, adventurous and seeks personality in style, as shown on the subheading on the cover: “The Personal Style Issue: Find Your Fashion Personality. ” Furthermore, ELLE features only top-ranked models that are known to be risk-takers with a strong sense of character, such as Victoria Beckham, Diane Kruger, and Jamie King. “There are celebrities who always look great, always look pretty, but it’s always the same hair, the same makeup, and I find that quite boring,” says Victoria Beckham. In order to deliver benefits o its consumers, ELLE uses the behavioural approach to present a magazine that appeal to consumers by updating them on hot trends and classy styles, while simultaneously distinguishing it from competitors by allowing their readers to discover a personal style.

This exactly coincides with Chamilia’s positioning in the market. As Chamilia states, “…your Chamilia jewelry is as unique as you are. ” Chamilia’s products target consumers with confidence and seek personification in style. This characteristic usually resides in high-income earners leading successful career lives.

Therefore, Chamilia’s psychographic approach is identical to ELLE’s, which is to influence consumers into thinking that they are worth owning the product. This approach is most effective when individuals’ background, such as income and lifestyle, correlates with such thinking. In conclusion, the strength of Chamilia’s advertisement in ELLE is strong, as shown at both a surface and implied level.

At the surface, ELLE reaches the same target audience as Chamilia’s target market, which is the high-income, middle-aged, and female market.On an implied level, both ELLE and Chamilia allow consumers to discover a personal style, which distinguishes ELLE and Chamilia from their competitors. They do not force a certain style on consumers, but allows them to retain their own style and to express confidence. Due to the identical target market ELLE and Chamilia, Chamilia’s decision to advertise in ELLE is a logical one. Bibliography Websites PubliGroupe (2009).

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