1.The a lot of power ether.Big magic using

1.The a lot of power ether.Big magic using

1.The differences and similarities between the Fairy tales Cinderella and Ella Enchanted are based on a lot of things that are the same and are different for example: the characters like the Fairy God Mothers in Cinderella her fairy godmother only came for the ball, but used BIG magic. In Ella her fairy godmother Mandy only did small magic, but was there the whole time.

In Cinderella her father died, in Ella her was living but not there. Their stepsisters had different names like in Cinderella Ana Saga and Hattie. In Ella her two-step sisters were Hattie and Ollie. The animals that were in Cinderella were the mice. The cat, dog, horse. In Ella there were ogers.

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In Cinderella the magic were used differently than the other. For example: in Ella she had an obedience gift that was used to make her happy, even though she wasnt. In Cinderella she didnt have a gift .She just had to lesson to them. The atmosphere in Cinderella was England, Ella Frell but both took place in mid evil times.

They were both fairy tales based on the same moral or setting, they both had fairy godmothers, met there princess true love, lived happily every after, both went through hard times as obedience for example Cinderella was locked in her room so she couldnt marry the prince, Ella was told to stay in her room until he left. Those are the similarities and differences.2.Marriages in Frell are chasseing by the parents.

No in Frell people dont marry for love. In most cases (Like Ella) she was marrying the older man for here and her father to become rich. Marriages in Frell are arranged in Frell by the parents and they can get married in any time before eighteen, in our society we get to marry who love and thinks feel right at the age eighteen or older.

The gifts we get are gifts like for the bride and groom. In Frell the get gifts like a gift For example the love forever, happiness, family.3.Ella her relationship with her father is not very good.

She loves him but not like her mother or Char or any one else. Ellas mother is like her best friend. The play together and talk like friends and do things that she cant do with her father because he not understanding. To Ella her father is like a solider not fun and not cool.

Her personality is more like her mothers crazy and loving, fun and friendly. Just like her mother.4. Small Magic- magic that doesnt take a lot for you to do, not a lot of power ether.Big magic using a lot of power to do or create something Big. For example small magic would be like moving something. Big magic would be like making the rain stop or make it rain.

Mandy doesnt like big magic because she doesnt want to suffer what might happen if she did it. Mandy doesnt tell people shes a fairy because she might have to prove it and she wont be able tobecause that would Big magic which she doesnt like to do.5. Friends of Fairy, Or Fairy Blood is like every being related to one another, DNA, Family relatives every connected to one another like the family tree.

Yes there are some parts in the store that show her fairy blood. At the end Ella is able to break the cruse by she refusing to marry Char because she doesnt want to hurt him that gives her the power with in to break the cruse and then be able to marry him. 6.Ellas curse can be dangers to friends and the ones she love by/because her being friends to anyone, if she tells the cruse that person well make her do what every they want for as long as they want were they want even if she doesnt want to. To ones that she loves can be in danger or harm by there future thats why Ella refuses to marry him because she doesnt want to hurt him. For example if Char would have married Ella before the curse was broken his future could have been in danger or harm.

He could die or be on a curse him self.7.Shes able to break the curse when refusing to marry Char because she didnt want to hurt Char, by refusing to marry him it gave her the power to break the cruse because she loves him. When she refused flash bakes came and showed how much she truly loved him by loving him was able to break the cruse of obediences.

She means when she states, In that moment I found a power beyond any Id had before, a will and determination I would never have needed if not found Lucinda a fortitude (Courage) I hadnt been able to find for a lesser cause. And I found my voice means that when she went to the ogers wedding, when she saw and went up to Lucinda to ask her to remove the cruse. Lucinda stated that she should run along and be thankful for her gift.

While doing so what she, means in the phrase if not found Lucinda she wouldnt have been thankful for her gift to end up braking that cruse to leave her whole. Meaning with the curse she never felt her true self like she was missing something. When she broke the cruse she felt like a whole new person, born over and refreshed. 8.Yes I do think that Lucinda has learned her lesson when shes turned into awhich turns her into aSomething else from being that!Now she knows how others feel when being cursed. For exampleWhen she turns someone to a frog or toad because they asked herTo remove it.

9.The differences between choosing to be good and being good on your own are like being told to clean your room. If or when your mother states for you to clean your room you sometimes dont want to (unless your friends are coming over.) so what you do is stuff everything under your bed and in the closet. But most parents now so they make you redo it. The moral or lesson is do it right the first and get over with instead of having to redo it and waste more time doing it over.

If you chose to be good on your own that means you do what your told when youre told. But if youre forced your doing something you dont wont to when you dont wont to.10.The knack for learning languages helps her in society for examples leering the languages like form boarding school/ finishing school also helps her in life. Examples are like when she is in the forest she speaks to the ogers and tells them not to eat her, she also tells sings to them till they fall asleep that sort helps her become free. Her attempt to sing to the ogers is / was to put them to sleep so she could get away.

By speaking in there native language helps Char ketch them so she can be free. Also when she helps save the little boy while with Char she says something to him, which makes him stop.11.Ella attempt is to see Char and tell him everything like her stepfamily and sisters forcing her to do what they want and so she could keep her stepsister away from him.

Attempting the three balls helps her heel by seeing him.

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