Empress used by Antonio, he will surely tells

Empress used by Antonio, he will surely tells

Empress Luxury Lines 1. When determining what his obligations are to his subordinates, Kevin Pfeiffer, what decision would Antonio Melendez most likely reach if he applied the utilitarian approach to decision making? What conclusions would probably result if he employed the individualism approach? If utilitarian approach has been applied he would probably not tell the insurance company about the anomaly his company has done.

It’s because of possible lay-offs or worse closure of business due bankruptcy if they were not able to get the funds from their insurance company.However, if the individualism approach will be used by Antonio, he will surely tells the insurance company the fraud his company did in order to get fund from them. This approach focuses on the individual values like honesty and integrity.

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2. Put yourself in Antonio’s position and decide realistically what you would do. Is your response at a preconventional, conventional, or postconventional level of moral development? How do you feel about your response? If I were with Antonio’s position I probably keep my mouth shut and not tell the insurance company about the anomaly.

During those situation wherein the economic crisis arises and most of the companies experience difficulties, I will be just practical to help my company survive as well as retaining my job. I would say that this behaviour is under postconventional level, because this shows my breaking some rules and principles due to known expectations from management of my company. 3. If Antonio or Kevin were fired because they reported Empress’s fraud, would they be justified in removing all traces of their employment at the cruise line from their resume so they don’t have to explain to a prospective employer why they were fired?Why or why not? No. They should still put their work experience at cruise line in the resume.

If ever they will be asked why they were fired, they just need to be honest that they were the whistle blower in their previous company about the fraud they did with their insurance company. The reason behind their firing will surely reflect positively on their individuality because they didn’t support the misbehaving their company did. This will also show that they could be honest and incorrupt employees.

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