Education is necessary to change the world and education gives knowledge to people

Education is necessary to change the world and education gives knowledge to people

Education is necessary to change the world and education gives knowledge to people. Educator Paulo Freire explains two methods of education systems: The banking concept and problem posing. In the article “The banking concept of education” Freire mentions about the relationship between student and teacher. In banking concept Freire explains the way of teaching where the teacher provide information to student and the student don’t challenge teacher statement. While, in the problem posing methods encourage students to challenge teacher’s argument. Problem posing is a better method, because I have encounter it more but also because this allows you to learn more and apply it in other areas of life.
The banking concept of education is when the teacher is the narrator and the students are the “container” or “receptacle” (244) and where students get filled with knowledge. He mentions that the banking concept educational system oppresses student’s ability of critical thinking. Freire emphasizes that the banking concept system can be overlook when students learn to behave or act in class. As Freire states “liberating education consists in acts of cognition, not transferrals of information”(249). This means that true liberation entails when students learn to act and involve in the classroom.
Reflecting on my educational experience, I notice these process used in my Comprehensive to Health Education class here at BMCC. In implication to health class, my banking concept experience is nearly same to Freire’s explanation of banking concept, as he argues that “This is the “banking” concept of education in which the scope of action allowed to the students extends only as far as receiving, filling,and storing the deposits”(244). I encountered similar situation in health class where the professor would lecture the whole class while we took notes and memorize the content covered by the professor, but I prefer class conversation because I can participate and share my thoughts while listen to the opinion of others. This allows me to understand the topics better. In class the professor covered a lot of material, but in the end I just memorized the terms for the exams. However, I didn’t understand the material.
The problem posing education concept helps students to participate in class with teachers, “critical co-investigators in dialogue with the teacher”(250). This suggests that the banking concept prevents interaction between teacher and student while problem posing methods involve dialogue between student and teachers. The teacher discuss information that involves the students. Freire explains banking concept prohibits creativity of student while problem posing enhances the power of creativity. Banking concept make a “student as objects of assistance, problem posing make student critical thinkers” (249). The problem posing system help the student be aware and individual in the classroom or even with the teachers.
For instance, in cuny start program, in english class, the activities of class discussion allowed to listen to different opinions about a topic between student and teachers. This experience molded me to a independent person because if I see anything wrong whether inside or outside of classroom I feel encouraged to ask question and this helps me to get answer for my better understanding. For example, if i didn’t understand a project assign by the professor then I ask questions to get better understanding of the assignment. This allows me to learn. Also dialogue between teachers and student allow us to see points of view we would not consider before.


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