The the environment puts forth.Free will does not

The the environment puts forth.Free will does not

The environment around us controls who we are, what we do, and how we act.

The individual may have a slight control of what they do but the over looking factor in them is the environment they are put in. We learn what to do and how to change our behavior due to what the environment puts forth.Free will does not exist in the world that we live in today. Free will is only an illusion that people believe that have. When one looks at life, external forces on their life control them. You can tell this by how a person will change when they are put in a totally different environment then they are used to. In schools the teacher is who conditions kids what they are going to be able to do and how they are going to be able to act.

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We as behaviorists believe that in a classroom that the teacher should teach with reinforcement. This will shape the kids to do what they are supposed to. With giving reinforcement the kids will learn material matter even if they do not want to learn it or believe that cant learn it.We behaviorists are the opposites of existentialists who believe that free will is the most apparent thing in a individual. The alter of an environment will alter a persons perception on the world and curriculum.

That is why behaviorists believe that school officers should make the curriculum. The student learns what higher officials put forth; the student has no say in what they want to learn. Environment the main part of life and the main part of the making of an individual is critical to ones attitude and look at life also including school subject matter.Words/ Pages : 303 / 24

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