Edgar in Richmond Virgina but through his

Edgar in Richmond Virgina but through his

Edgar Allen Poe and His LifeStory: Edgar Allen Poe was a very famouspoet and writer,Poe created many poems and stories such as The Raven, The Tall-Tale Heart, The Fall of The House of Usher and many more. (tompson 1)Edgarlived from 1809 to 1849. He was born on January 19,1809, in Boston Massachusettsbut grew up in Richmond Virgina but through his many travels he lived in half adozen eastern cities.

He lived a short and tragic life. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Category:BiographyPaper Title:science worksText:Edgar Allen Poe and His LifeStoryEdgar Allen Poe was a very famous poet and writer,Poe created many poems andstories such as The Raven, The Tall -Tale Heart, The Fall of The House of Usherand many more. (tompson 1)Edgar lived from 1809 to 1849. He was born on January19,1809, in Boston Massachusetts but grew up in Richmond Virgina but through hismany travels he lived in half a dozen eastern cities.

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He lived a short andtragic life. His first career was to study in law but soon went against hisfamily and started a career in acting. His critic reviews were poor.

Manycritics thought his technique was bad.Edgars father was an actor by the name ofDavid Poe and his mother also an actress by the name of Elizabeth.edgar was thesecond of three children, about the time that the third child was born Edgarsfather died. After his father had died Edgars mother and her two yougestchildren went to Richmond, his brother William already had been settled withrelatives in Baltimore.

Poes mother was in the lastest stages of her diesease,struggling with two kids, she died. Edgar and , an infant, Rosalie, wereorphaned. Poe finally was hit with the reliazation of his parents death.In1811on a visit of generousity, Mrs. Francis Allen learned of the situation ofthe Poe babies.

Mrs. Allen had no babies of her own and to that she took homehandsome little Edgar. Mr. John Allen didnt aprove of a permant adoption buthe began to in time support the child, and became proud of his good looks andintelligence.When Edgar was six years old Mr. Allens bussiness took them toScotland, they lived there for about five years.

Edgar persued his education atthe Irvin Grammer School in Irvin, Scotland.After many journeys throughtout hischildhood Edgar and the Allens returned to Richmond, Virgina.There at the age of11 Mr. Allen enrolled Edgar into the English and Classical School attended bysons of the more fashionable families of Richmond.

There Edgar began to feel thedifference between himself and the others at this school.To this Edgar the senseof injury made its self evident at home with fits of temper and rebellion forwhich there seemed to the family , no justification. Mr.

Allen did not put upwith such behavior , Mr.Allen repeatedly reminded Edgar about his”disreputable” parentage.In Edgars college years his growingantagonism between father and son, Mr.

Allen was willing to send Edgar to the University of Virgina. Edgar had goneto the university to in fact get away from the Allen house hold. Thisindescribable social college campus set Edgar in for a major turn around , Edgarbegan to gamble to where he couldnt pay off debts he incountered, when Edgardrank is sent him into a wild statof excitement.

Edagr was then pulled out of the University for such behavior. Mr.Allen thenout him in a low, routine job at hjis counting house. This was very humiliatingfor Edgar and he just couldnt bear it anymore , the answer, to leave home.Heleft to Boston where hemanage to publish a collection of his poems, desperate for money, he thenjoined the army under the name of Edgar A. Perry.

Army barracks were no placefor this young noblemen.Poe turned to his foster father for reconciliation,Mr.Allens then purchased Edgar out of the army, which was possible at that time.Shortly after he publishedsanother set of his writings. Little more then a year after Poe decidedconsider a military career, he gained admission to the United States MilitaryAcademy at West Point , New York.

Edgar was of two minds about the Academy: an army career was suitable for aVirginia gentleman he longed to be, but the discipline was uncongenial. Thesecond mind won, and Edgar deliberately provoked expulsion by cutting all drillsand classes. This was it for Mr. Allen. Mrs. Allen death removed Edgars friendin the house.Edgars love life began with a woman named Sarah Elmira Royster,they got engaged but never got married because sarahs dad disapproved of themarriage .

Edgarwent to Charlottesville but said he would write to her everyday. Her fatherinterceptedevery letter he wrote her and everyday since sarah never got the letters ofcourse shenever wrote back and everyday that Edgar never got a letter from her he gotmore andmore depressed. John Allen broke off the engagement . (tompson5)In the two years after his final rupture with Mr. Allan, Poe lived for aconsiderabletime in Baltimore with his aunt, Mrs. Maria (Poe) Clemm.

She was a poorseamstress,but she welcomed Poe into her home and took care of him. Outwardly, it was ado-nothing period for him, but inwardly it was significant. He wrote a groupofunpublished short stories. Even more importantly, he began to dramatizehimself as onewhom “unmerciful disaster followed fast and followed faster”. Heprobably had aninherited emotional instability which fed his feeling of persecution.Once established in his job, he brought Mrs.

Clemm and her daughter,Virginia, tolive with him. A little later he married his cousin, Virginia, who was someyears youngerthan he. From that time on, the three formed a household.

Throughout all hisvicissitudes,the two women, his wife, Virginia, and her mother were unfailingly devoted tohim. Muchof the time, Mrs. Clemm kept boarders to make a home for Poe and Virginia.Mrs. Clemmfound no fault in him; at his worst, to her he was “poor Eddie”.

Her motherliness cradledall his weaknesses and eccentricities. (He called her “Muddie.”) Inher way, Virginia was equally devoted.She was sweet and gentle, but rather simple-minded. She could not follow thewild flightsof Poe’s erratic genius, but she gave him an adoring, unquestioned admirationwhichwas incense to his spirit. She found a childish pleasure and absorptionclipping andpasting the long scrolls on which he wrote.

Poe, in turn, showed his best self to them. Here, where there was no willbesidehis own, where two loyal satellites revolved about the central sun of hisego, he was athis best and gentlest. He was affectionate toward Mrs. Clemm and increasinglytenderand loving to Virginia, an invalid who was slowly dying of tuberculosis.The pathetic little family made its last move to a tiny cottage in Fordham,then avillage about thirteen miles from New York. Mrs.

Clemm set about making theplacehabitable, setting aside the best room of four as “dear Eddie’s”study. They managedthrough the summer, but as autumn came on, there was not even fuel to warmthe house.Virginia grew steadily worse. Poe sank deeper into melancholia. In the depthof winter,Virginia died.

With the loss of his wife, Poe’s last hold on reality vanished. He workedfeverishly at writing a book, Eureka, which he believed would be anexpression ofprofound truth. It was more nearly a curious hodge-podge of unprovenscientificstatement and wild imagining, springing from his disturbed state.

He wanderedfrom onecity to another, drifted back to Richmond and on to Baltimore, where hedied.(Internet)Works CitedMicrosoft Encarta 98 encyclopedia (c) 1993-1997 microsoftcorproationEncyclopedia volume 18, (c) 1975-Field EnterprisesEducational CorporationInternet- www.intelinet.org-Havana, Zrich, New York, SanFrancisco, New Orleans, Hot Springs, Oakland,1973-1998.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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