Ecstasy, long and short term memory.In the

Ecstasy, long and short term memory.In the

Ecstasy, also known as MDMA, E, and XTC, is a drug that has two effects.

The effects of ecstasy are hallucinogens and stimulants. Ecstasy gives you lots of energy and it also makes you feel no need to eat or sleep. Ecstasy takes about twenty minutes to an hour depending on the person. The effect of amphetamines makes the user feel more energetic, and also makes the user feel like not wanting to eat or sleep, once the effects start to wear off, the user feels happier and at peace. Ecstasy can make your blood pressure go way high. Ecstasy can also make your body temperature and heart rate raise. Side affects of ecstasy effects the user by depressing the user, and causes them serious brain damage.

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Depression by using ecstasy is caused by low serotonin levels witch happens when you don’t replenish the serotonin you lost when you take ecstasy for a week straight. Ecstasy damages your long and short term memory.In the early twentieth century, germen pharmacologists were doing intense research for new drugs for the public.

During that time cocaine, morphine, and heroin, were developed and thought to be medical breakthroughs. However, in the early 1900s the bad effects of these drugs were showing effect. When scientists took drugs from things like plants and such the added stuff and tested them for positive effects. Most of the drugs that were created were never intended to be used by their selves, but made it easier to make other drugs by using these drugs like stepping stones.

Despite the stories about ecstasy being used as a appetite suppressant, ecstasy was just created to make other drugs. There are many different ways to take ecstasy; these are the most common ones:Eating the pill- this is the most common way. Swallow the pill like you take a aspirin.Parachuting the pill- when you crush up the pill wrap it in thin paper and swallow that.

Railing the pill-this is when you crush up the pill and snort it up your nose.Smoking the pill- crush up and roll into a zigzag or any other roll and smoking it.Slamming the pill- inject the ecstasy directly into your blood-stream.

Plugging the pill- put on a rubber glove and put the pill on the tip of your finger, you now want to put your finger into your butt about to the second knuckle and it should get sucked up but you should lie on your stomach for awhile.

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