Early Awakening In the morning

Early Awakening In the morning

Early Awakening
In the morning, the person has the most effective time for the whole day. The head is fresh and not loaded with a bunch of different thoughts and problems. Early awakening makes it possible to do more and as if adds more hours to our lives. Getting up a few hours earlier, we can devote these moments of life to our favorite deeds, which we have always lacked the time. You can learn a new occupation, a new business, which can later even make a profit. Doing at least an hour in the morning every day in total will give us 7 hours extra time a week. In order for the earlier awakening not to cause us any particular problems, we need to follow the next point.

Go to bed early
For early awakening, one must go to bed earlier. Typically, the optimal time is 22 – 23 hours. Also not unimportant is the quality of sleep, you can read about it in the article Good sleep as a guarantee of health.

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Sleeps before a rather banal, but effective advice that will help you avoid a number of problems and inconveniences that you may have, and there will be more free time in reserve to allow you to arrive on time for work or a meeting.

Get up on the first call
Very inefficient is delaying the alarm for later.

Making deferment for 10 – 15 minutes, we deceive ourselves only and create a lot of inconvenience. As a rule, these intervals are not enough to fully sleep, so it’s silly to lie still for 10 minutes in the hope that they will help you get enough sleep. After the alarm goes off, do not stay in bed for a long time.

Learn to get up on the first bell of the alarm clock.

It is also a common mistake to put several alarms, with some time gap between them. Most likely you will wake up on the very last alarm clock. We conclude that the alarm bell should be one.

As one of the radical ways to wake up, I suggest you put the alarm clock in the evening to a place where it would be audible, but it would be necessary to get out of bed to turn it off. Perhaps this method is rude and not very pleasant, but effective and effective.

Pulling where to begin the morning
You probably noticed that pets (and not only) are stretched after awakening. It’s no secret that during sleep our body is not very mobile, and stretching leads our muscles into tonus. Therefore, you should not jump out of bed abruptly, and after you wake up it is desirable to stretch several times.

Avoid news, the Internet and social networks
Some people have a habit after waking up immediately go to the Internet or to social networks. Not only is this an essentially idle time spent, this habit is the reason to lie in bed longer. For this activity you can spend quite a lot of time, and then in a hurry you will have to run to work, sacrificing breakfast or other equally important matters. Yes, and generally should not sit at the computer, read newspapers or watch TV in the morning. This kind of information can be extremely unfavorable for your morning mood.

We know that lighting affects the production of melatonin and serotonin. Therefore, after awakening it is desirable to properly illuminate the room.

In the summer, the sun’s rays outside the window will help us to wake up faster, so you can curtain curtains once, and in winter, when it’s too late, you can turn on the light.

Move and charge to your favorite music
Different movements and walking around the room will speed up our awakening.

Charge – this is an excellent tool that will help us to recover from sleep and add a burst of energy. You can pre-select for yourself your favorite music, under which you will perform a set of exercises. You will need to prepare them in advance. Let it be warm-up exercises of a recreational nature, without unnecessary strain on the body.

Also on the Internet you can easily find a lot of small videos, which shows how to correctly perform various exercises, and you can engage with a virtual trainer right in front of the TV or laptop screen.

Shower and mindfulness practice where to begin the morning
The contrast shower will finally wash away all sleep and add vivacity.

Shaving or brushing your teeth can be a great exercise in awareness practice.

To do this, it is worthwhile to realize each your movement, and not to perform it automatically, as we are accustomed to. We need to understand where we are now, and what we are now doing. Give this occupation all your attention, become an observer present in the moment. It will be a mistake, for example, to brush your teeth, but to think about a delicious breakfast. While you brush your teeth you brush your teeth and nothing more. If you notice that you are starting to get distracted, gently shift attention to the object or concentration process.


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