-Dunkin’ Bill Rosenberg opened the first Dunkin’

-Dunkin’ Bill Rosenberg opened the first Dunkin’

-Dunkin’ Donuts is the world’s leading baked goods and coffee chain, serving more than 3 million customers per day. Dunkin’ Donuts sells 52 varieties of donuts and more than a dozen coffee beverages as well as an array of bagels, breakfast sandwiches and other baked goods. Dunkin donuts is a hundred percent franchised. Dunkin donuts requires that you have the qualifications to be considered as a franchise candidate. If you qualify, the next step would be the application.

You would have to develop a business plan and then a treasury review and a background check.After all of this is complete you will go through the approval stage. -When Dunkin’ Donuts founder Bill Rosenberg opened the first Dunkin’ Donuts in 1950, he had a simple philosophy:“Make and serve the freshest, most delicious coffee and donuts quickly and courteously in modern, well-merchandised stores. ” -Dunkin Donuts relevant product is there coffee. Dunkin donuts is a leading retailer of hot and iced regular coffee-by-the-cup in America, and the largest coffee and baked goods chain in the world.Dunkin donuts is located in 44 countries with 14,848 locations worldwide. Dunkin donuts has 6,395 locations in 34 US states.

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-Dunkin’s target market are the customers who wants America’s favorite everyday, all-day stop for coffee and baked goods. There primary target markets are the people who enjoy a great cup of coffee. Dunkin’ Donuts is still using the original proprietary coffee blend recipe established by its founder. With coffee leading the charge, beverages accounted for nearly 60 percent of Dunkin’ Donuts’ 2008 U.S. sales. The remaining 40 percent of sales are bakery items such as donuts, bagels, muffins, as well as new Oven-Toasted products, including hash browns and new Flatbread sandwiches.

As a Dunkin donuts franchisee we plan to advertise by using billboards, commercials, etc… – External environment analysis for Dunkin donuts would be its competitors in the coffee industry such as Starbucks, Honeydew, and the late Tim Horton’s as examples. I would believe that every company has threats in there ndustries but I believe that Dunkin donuts is a strong company because of the presents they have in our surrounding communities. – There are a trillion different kinds of coffees out there today. But they’re only a few coffee shops around any more. You still have some mom and popshops but most of them have been closed down do to the larger coffee shops like Dunkin donuts and star bucks.

The Market structure in the coffee industry is only a few. You have Dunkin donuts, star bucks, and honey dew donuts are the only coffee shops in the coffee industry. Oligopoly is the types of market structure were dealing with.Oligopoly is when the market is dominated by a small number of firms that together control the majority of the market share.

– Dunkin Donuts uses a differentiation strategy. Using this strategy, Dunkin has introduced different varieties of the same basic product under the same name into a particular product category and thus cover the range of products available in that category. For example, Dunkin carries coffee and decaffeinated coffee and several different flavors and all come in ice as well which would fit in with a differentiated business strategy.

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