Doughnuts, even the ones with no toppings or fillings are one of the fattening breakfast items a person can eat. Sadly that does not stop people from devouring these sugar filled treats for breakfast. In today’s modern era bagels are considered to be the more traditional breakfast food item than doughnuts. Even though bagels do not have any sugary glaze or fillings, they can be unhealthier than a typical doughnut a person buys at a Krispy kreme doughnut shop. Basically,bagels and doughnuts can both be unhealthy because of their nutritional makeup, production procedure, and health risk they can lead to.
Donuts are at type of fried dough that are shaped into a ring. Donuts are a popular treat around the world that are typically eaten in the morning or midafternoon . The dough for making a donut is soft and sticky and is quite hard to work with. When the dough is made the dough should be chilled thoroughly and rolled out onto a smooth counter dusted with flour. The flour prevents the dough from sticking onto the counter. Donuts can have many toppings onto them such as sprinkles, chocolate, glaze, powdered sugar,cinnamon, vanilla frosting, and just plain sugar. Donuts can also be injected with strawberry jelly, boston creme, custard, and lemon creme. The outside of the donut should should have a soft and crisp texture when completed.
It is well known that donuts are not an ideal breakfast item because of the high calorie and carbohydrate content. Even if an individual doesn’t consume donuts on a regular basis the individual should still limit the amount of donuts they can consume. Many people always plan to go to the gym to burn off the calories and carbohydrates after eating a donut. In reality it is not possible for some people because of the responsibilities put on the individual. Many people have to go home, take care of loved ones, clean the house, and feed everyone in the household. Considering a typical glazed donut “has 229 calories and 25 grams of carbohydrates. (Fit day).
Bagels are made of yeasted wheat dough and shaped into a ring. When baking the bagels the bagels are left in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes until the exterior has a golden brown color to it .When boiling the bagels the water does not get into the bread due to the starch on the exterior hardening and forming a barrier. Then the bagels are brushed with egg white and finally they are topped with sesame seeds on the exterior. Once the bagels are baked and boiled they should have a chewy interior and a crispy exterior.
While bagels are considered to be a healthier alternative to donuts, bagels can be surprisingly unhealthy. Bagels can be more unhealthy nutritional wise such as calories, sodium, carbohydrates, and fat. Anyone eating eating one bagel is just as bad as eating one donut.One plain bagel has 278 calories which is a bit better than a glazed donut. Next there is the carbohydrates, just one one bagel has 59.9 grams of carbohydrates. The most disturbing content that a bagel has is the sodium. One bagel has a shocking 1372 grams of sodium which already accounts for a good amount of a person’s recommended intake. Just by eating a few more bagels an individual can be well beyond the limit for recommended sodium intake.(All Recipe).
In summary, donuts are a bit healthier than bagels as a breakfast item. The reason being because of the high levels of sodium and carbohydrates. This may not always be true due to the many types of bagels and donuts. Some donuts can be higher in calories and carbohydrates than a bagel. It comes down to the eating and exercise habits of the individual. “There’s nothing wrong with a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast occasionally-or a donut, either.”(Tuf


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