Dot.con is a documentary about online scammers. Victims were interviewed and they share their stories. One of the leading forensic accountants, financial crime investigator Jennifer Fiddian Green who is also a victim of identity theft and was robbed half a million dollars, the scammers used her name and social insurance number to obtain mortgage financing. And endless variations of scams are working on the internet. Romance scam is also common the con artist will spend weeks or even months in building up a romantic relationship with the victim through email or phone calls before asking for money. Vulnerable people and elderly are the easiest prey for con artist. We the general public should be more aware in everything we share, post online or social media the information that we share can be used for scammers. We should help to stop this by ignoring the fraud messages, and by also protecting our computers. This documentary is a way of telling us or showing us to be aware of online scams.


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