Domestic there are sexual assaults, social abuse, and

Domestic there are sexual assaults, social abuse, and

Domestic ViolenceThere are several lawsuits having to do with domestic violence, but today there are about 3-4 times as many offenses as there was 75 years ago. Domestic violence tears thousands of familys apart every year. You may not think there are as many cases of domestic violence. Domestic violence isnt always a husband or boy friend beating their kid or girlfriend/wife. There are several different types of domestic violence, a man beating a women, a man beating his child, a woman beating her significant other, a woman beating her child, or a child abusing his/her parents verbally or physically.

There are also cases not only on physical and verbal assault; there are sexual assaults, social abuse, and economic abuse. Most of all acts of domestic violence are involved with alcohol and drugs. Although these things happen every day, they should happen at all, but some people are afraid or embarrassed about being assaulted. This gets to the point where they victim is so frightened about their assaulter that they wont even report it to the police, so they go on living in abuse which is not right at all.A major percent of domestic violence is occurred from husbands/boy friends abuse their significant other, whether its physically or verbally. Males commit over 2.

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27 million violent crimes against women who they are intimate with. There is an estimated $3 to $5 billion spent each year just in medical facilities caused by domestic violence. Women experience an approximated 572,050 violent victimizations by someone they have had a very close relationship to.

For several generations, wives have been beaten but not nearly as much as the increasingly amount of beaten wives now. There are shelters where women can go for protection from their significant others, but there are neither enough nor enough women to be courageous and step up and stop being frightened. During 1990 there were only 1,500 shelters for domestic violence shelters in America, yet there are 3,800 animal shelters. Of course, this number has gone up quite a bit, but still not enough. Although not as rare as you may think, wives beat there husbands around as well.

In 1994 there were 48,983 cases heard where a women beats her husband. As low as a number as this may seem, it is quite deceiving. If you ponder about this for a while, this is only the number of cases heard, not all of them. You must think about all of the men who are embarrassed and have entirely too much pride to proclaim that his wife physically abuses him.

So theoretically, there are possibly tens of thousands of more cases of domestic violence, where as men are the victims. Out of all male homicides, approximately 3.3% were committed by the victims spouse. While men who commit domestic violence use there bodies to harm the victim, women will usually use weapons such as cooking knifes, bats, guns, and on some occasions forks.On many occasions, children are not even considered to be an attacker when it comes to domestic violence. However one must think about fights with siblings and on a rare occasion hitting their parents but mainly their mother.

When siblings fight as much as it is, the injury may vary from, a bruise on the knee, to a broken arm, or even accidental death. As hard as it is to believe it, an ignorant sibling fight over the remote has actually ended up in the result in death. An estimated $1.28 billion are spent in hospitals to treat children that were engaged in fights with their siblings.

Children fighting their siblings arent the only forms domestic violence that was to do with children were they are the attacker. Although it doesnt happen nearly as much as children physically abusing their siblings, they also abuse their parents, but mainly their mothers.This is only referring to children who constantly beat their mothers and are over 12. Mothers of these abusive and disrespectful children are usually in the hospital for broken bones. There are an extremely low amount of cases where a child beats there father, this might be because the majority of children who abuse their mother, also live in a house where their father left them. Although some children abuse their siblings and mother, most children are on the victim side of domestic violence. Out of all families who have children, 2 out of 5 children are beaten.

Roughly 93% of children, who are abused constantly, are hit by their father. Over 87% of all children who are physically abused are under the age of 12. The number of abused children is rising, mainly because mothers are afraid to call the police on her husband. Also, a great deal of men who beat their children also beat their spouse.Physical abuse is the major type of abuse dealing with domestic violence, but it isnt the only. There is also sexual assault, social abuse, economic abuse, and various forms of psychological abuse. Being forced to have sex, indecent assault, and being forced to look at pornography are all forms of sexual abuse.

Males are the leading contributors to all forms of sexual abuse. When your significant other stops you from seeing friends and family, and also forces you to be isolated socially and geographically, they are being socially abusive. Economical abuses are dealt with when your spouse allows no access or control over money and forcing you to love without money. Psychological abuse is a proper definition to verbal abuse. Psychological abuse occurs when your spouse threatens you of violence or death, and any type of verbal abuse and behavior which degrades and destroys the confidence of the victim such things include excessive and repetitive criticism.

For those who are currently dealing with domestic violence, they must not be paranoid of their significant other. They must calmly go to the police or some sort of place to receive the care that they desperately need. The best things to do when dealing with domestic violence include counseling for domestic abuse which should be available from the local community health centers, family support services, and your neighborhood. Legal advice and protection can also be sought. When feeling threatened or worried about your familys safety in any way, you should not hesitate to call the police.Domestic violence doesnt just effect the victim, it effects everyone the victim knows and loves.

Through the rising domestic violence rate, I feel in a few years no one will have to worry about being hit from an abusive family member ever again. For those being abused, you must never forget, there is always hope, no matter what, and you must not be frightened to seek help.

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