Most young man love them and try

Most young man love them and try

Most people concentrate on news item and gossip written on magazines during a wait in front of the cash register at the supermarket. The magazines are written about personal lives of the various famous people with pictures. Of course, this is the fact that their private life makes entertainment for a while from other peoples boring time. But I don’t think it is right that they become unhappy because of their open personal lives. First, no one will deny the fact that most magazines run their companies from commercialize private lives of famous people.Paparazzi relentlessly take their photographs of even their little motion.

Unfortunately, the Crown Princess Diana’s death by a car accident happened when she tried to run off from paparazzi following her. Next, the bad private life of celebrities ruin young people’s dreams that young man love them and try become like them. Although they are great men, they would not have a great private life. If there would be a report exaggerating their small mistakes being everything of themselves, that will have serious damages to celebrities’ life and young man’s dream should disappear with their future.

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For example, it made the Prime Minister in British Colombia Gordon Campbell to resign due to the press report that he was convicted of drunk driving. Finally, I think every people have the right to protect their private life. Although, they are public figures, they need to feel free in their private space. We have to admit the fact that they are like us and make mistakes and have to tolerant the various gossips. Conclusion, I don’t think it is right to pay too much attention to the personal lives of famous people.

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