Do you believe in ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts? This is one question that most people are asked but few ever give a direct answer. Now imagine you are in a dark room by yourself, preferably in a half lit basement. Even with the lights on, there is always that eerie feeling that you are not alone in the room or someone is watching you. Now imagine the light starts flickering and every time they go off you feel like there is a ghost-like presence moving towards you. Now if you thinks that is scary, imagine having a ghost experience where you come into contact with a ghost but not notice how it’s affecting you but your friends watch you go through the spooky ordeal without even noticing.
The ordeal happened when on a visit to Clinton road with a group of friends who shared the same fascination with ghosts and haunted places as I did. I remember a scenario when my friends and I visited the haunted Clinton Road in New Jersey back in 2014. Although we spent about three hours on the road, we were disappointed not to see any sign of a ghost and so we left. However, my quest did not end there as I returned later on with two of my friends. Unlike the first visit, the experience on the second time was different as my friends kept cautioning me that they had a feeling that something was not right.
The weird occurrences started happening when we entered into the road and our phone signals went off and the area got a bit dark. I however thought the effects were common since we were in an area covered with trees that may have been blocking the connections and also the light. We made our way to a bridge that was rumored to have some mystical powers whereby if you dropped a penny from the bridge, the same penny would reappear as if it was dropped from above onto your car. With my spirit of adventure, I decided to drop a penny and see what happened. You can imagine the disappointment when a penny failed to drop on top of my car. After dropping the penny, we got back into the car and continued with the drive. According to my friends, the music in my car stereo changed on its own and played the song small boy for about three minutes. However, my friends were the only people who noticed as I was too busy enjoying the ride. Seeing that I was oblivious of what was happening, my friends decided to record the events as they transpired. After leaving the haunted road, my friends asked me to stop the car and asked me whether I was aware of what had just happened. It is only after I told them I did not know what they were talking about that they played back the recording they had made.
When it comes to ghosts, people forget that supernatural beings tend to operate in secrecy and this is the reason there is little proof to determine whether they exist or not. However, there are some experiences that cannot be logically explained thus leading to the assumption that supernatural creatures like ghosts may actually exist. Personally, I believe in ghosts, and I cannot wait to have a ghostly experience that I actually experience for myself, only then will I decide whether to be fascinated or utterly terrified by ghosts.


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