Disobedient talk to the boy about what

Disobedient talk to the boy about what

Disobedient Children In society today, there are many children with parents or guardians that cannot control anything that they do. Parents and guardians are being too sincere towards children and spoiling them, which children tend to take advantage and the parents. In some schools, they punish the children with disciplinary action meaning they either get paddled or they get sent home which is called a suspension. Parents need to learn to take that into the household. In Saki’s “The Storyteller” and Williams’ “The Use of Force,” the children disrespected their parents and guardians to a point where they couldn’t control them.It takes someone else to step into the situation and handle it the way that it needs to be solved. When children are being unruly and disrespectful, the parent should have to tell the child once if he or she knows better.

If not, then it is going to take multiple times. “The girls and the boy were all over the train car. The aunt kept telling the children “Don’t! ” while the children kept asking her questions starting with “Why” (Saki). If there was some control, the children would stop after she said no the very first time. But if she told them before they got on the train, it would have been fine.Parents are being too nice to the children and some don not see that the child is using it as an advantage. Some children are smarter than you think.

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“Don’t Cyril, don’t! Exclaimed the aunt, as the boy began hitting the seat cushions, making clouds of dust fly up. “Come over here and look out the window. ” (Saki) The aunt did not talk to the boy about what he was doing and how it was wrong. It was as if it never happened. If the parent ignores something like that, the child will not make a change unless you confront the situation.

In some schools, the children are normally disciplined when they are unruly and disrespectful. Some parents and guardians need to put that in effect in the household. That goes by saying that the parent or guardian needs to discipline the child instead of giving somebody else the authority to put their hands on your child. “Then I grasped the child’s head with my left hand and tried to get the wooden tongue depressor between her teeth. ” (Williams) He had to use force on the child to control the situation.

“In a final unreasoning assault I overpowered the child’s neck and jaws.I forced the heavy silver spoon back of her teeth down her throat till she gagged. ” (Williams). If the parents had their child under control, it would have happened differently. In some cases, all a child wants is attention. Also, the child might be scared or afraid which will lead them to act a certain way.

“She had been hiding that sore throat for three days at least and lying to her parents in order to escape just such an outcome as this. ” (Williams) The little girl was afraid of what the outcome might be and it occurred anyway because her sore throat had gotten worse.If parents put in their child’s head that they can trust them, they will. If not, the parent will result in some problems. “Tell us a story! ” demanded the older of the little girls. ” (Saki) All small children want is attention, you cannot give too much of it and that is when they are being “spoiled”. The situations that occur in Saki’s “The Storyteller” and Williams’ “The Use of Force” unruly and disobedient children are not listening to their parents, and the parents and guardians would not discipline them.

It took people are not responsible for their actions to discipline these children.That still exists in society today in some school systems, and in some neighborhoods, too. Children are worse than what occurred in “The Storyteller” and “The Use of Force. ” Children are now fighting their parents, drinking and using drugs at a very early age. The parents too are scared to do anything about it.

If parents raise their children to be respectful and diligent, they will appreciate themselves and the parent as well. Works Cited Saki, “The Storyteller. ” http://tnstate. elearn. edu Williams, William Carlos.

“The Use of Force. ” http://elearn. tnstate. edu

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