I the choice necessary at that moment. No

I the choice necessary at that moment. No

I believe she uses the term mindless and necessity in a way of stating “A weasel is Wild”. (Dillard1) that means when I read it as mindless and only does what it has to do out of necessity nothing extra. A weasel kills extra out of necessity. Reason being, it stays in its den for up to 2 days at a time.

Also the first sentence in the fourth paragraph “I would like to learn, or remember, how to live. In actuality she wants to forget how to live and do things by instinct.The other word consciousness is stating that it is always paying attention watching its surroundings. I believe the message she is trying to send is to live free and do things as they come along and make the choice necessary at that moment. No premeditated choices. I believe she broke down her essay into four parts to show four different times of her life. Each part she is a different place.

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Doing something different and she is more mature in each part as well.She never really talks about the previous paragraph because she is constantly progressing through her essay. In each paragraph you can see her pushing forward in life and not caring what other people think. She is happy and is not going to let anyone change how she feels. The capitalization in Franklin’s essay emphasizes the word that he is using at that point in time.

I believe putting a more important meaning to the word. In an essence, making that word a little more important than the next. do not think I got the overall message of his essay. What I get from his writing is perfection. Trying to be perfect, trying to be his kind of perfect is a difficult task. The essay I choose is “Living like Weasel”.

I would probably want to talk in detail about missing her opportunity. Not to break her connection with mindlessness. Why did they lock eyes for those 60 seconds? Was the weasel gauging her, looking for a point of attack or escape? These are all the things that could be spoken to in detail.

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