Different stand in a line and hold other

Different stand in a line and hold other

Different Aspects of development Task 1, 1. 2 The development aspect covers all the holistic areas. * Nursery Rhymes Physical The children are singing and playing. Communication All the children join in together singing rhymes and also playing together. Intellectual The children have to memorise the words and the actions of the rhyme. Social They are singing with other children getting other items and performing them with the rhyme and using their hands.

Emotional They are all happy and enjoying themselves. * Circle time PhysicalThe children sit down on the classroom floor in a circle the music is on and when the music stops they have to perform either an act, sing a song, or say the alphabet. Communication The children are sitting together in a circle and they perform their act out. Intellectual The children are trying to remember what they have learnt and what talent they have.

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Social When the children interact with each other and use their body Language. Emotional When everybody is happy and excited for their turn to come and they sometimes shout for their turn to come. * Follow the leader PhysicalThe children stand in a line and hold other children’s hands and follow each other. Some could dress up and hold 1 item in hand. Tell the children to climb over the table or chair put obstacles in the way.

Communication The children sing together and play as a team and join in. Intellectual The children remember what object is where and where they have to crawl or climb. Social The children will have to share the equipment between them and play together. Emotional The children will be happy and sometimes laugh when something interests them.

They will be talking about what they have done in their play time. * Role play PhysicalThe children would want to dress up as a mum or dad or a police officer or a nurse a doctor Communication The children are talking and communicating with other children showing other children who they are. Intellectual The children are remembering what to say as their role of a police or a mum or a dad. The children have to imagine the role they have to do. Social They share their equipment with the other children and understand what role they are doing. They also might use dolls or puppets to perform their act.

Emotional Children can figure out what emotion goes with what act. They are happy and enjoying the play.

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