Case develops & manufactures.For supporting such activities company

Case develops & manufactures.For supporting such activities company

Case Study #2 1. Some people may argue that 3M’s success is largely due to the significance given to science and technology and this is the main lesson for other firms. Discuss the merits of such a view and the extent to which this is the case.

As company had been formed around one technology i. e. sandpapers.

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Now a day 3M make use of hundred technologies & more like the membranes, the biotechnology, the artificial intelligence, the high vacuum thin films & also the superconductivity. Such technology underpins products which company develops & manufactures.For supporting such activities company has invested 6. 5 percent of their annual sales turnover for R&D.

It is about 2 times of top fifty industrial companies in US. Money has been used for employing over seven thousand scientists & technologists for developing the new & the interesting technology. It is such a technological intensity which provides company with competitive benefit for competing with their rivals. 2.

Discuss the merits and problems with the so-called ‘15 per cent rule’. Consider cost implications and a busy environment with deadlines to meet.To what extent is this realistic or mere rhetoric? 3M has been making use of the technologies like the high vacuum thin films, the biotechnology, the superconductivity, the membranes and also the artificial intelligence. Those technologies are being underpinning products which company may develop and also manufactures.

This is of immense importance for note that whereas company is the technology intensive which provides company with competitive benefits for competing with their rivals; it is not single-minded; this is a technology push approach towards innovation.Role of marketplace and the users are playing important role in the development of the product. For instance, 3M’s renowned Scotch tape had been manufactured strictly as the industrial products, till the salesman got an idea about packaging that in clear plastic dispensers for the home & the office use. 3. What is meant by the statement: ‘the message is more important than the figures’? In this competitive world in order to gain competitive advantage it is very essential to educate the clientele about the features and good quality of the product offered to them.In order to flourish in business in this competitive world it is imperative to create a positive perception in the minds of the clientele.

While buying consumers won’t focus on the quantity of the product sold in the market neither the revenue earned by the company. They rather focus on the features and the benefits they are going to get from the product. Thus to create a positive perception and to educate consumers regarding the service or product offered the use of advertisement is very essential.Thus the need of advertisement is imperative to persuade and communicate the precise and accurate message to the consumers. Proper message assist consumers to make right choice among the available products or services in the market.

For this reason it is important to put forward the message rather than the figures to achieve competitive advantage in this immense business world. 4. Explain how the innovation dilemma affected a company like 3M.

The leader expressions of the enthusiasm or the acceptance for innovations are the noted factors required for motivation of the employee for being creative.The company like 3M has been shown the tremendous capabilities of the innovation. The leaders here-in have been recognized the value of experimentations. The policy called fifteen percentages policy enables the employee for working on the curiosity drive’s agenda for up-to fifteen percentages of the total productive times.

The tolerance of the conflicts & handling conflicts constructively has been the values which support the creative & innovative behaviours in an organisation.In the conflict-full situation people in the individualistic culture had used the direct & face threatening strategies on the other hand the people in the collectivistic culture had used in-direct & face saving strategies. Speed of the innovation may promote or inhibit the creativity & innovation 5. There are many examples of successful companies. To what extent is 3M justifiably highlighted as the ‘innovating machine’? It has been very exciting to celebrate the 1st Century of 3M’s about the Innovation with extended family of 3M.There have been lot of reasons for the 3M’s 100th years in progress like its unique ability for creating the new to world of product categories; leadership in the market has been achieved through serving the consumer’s best than any other & also the global network of the unequalled international resource.

Major reason behind the success of 3M’s, is people of 3M. 3M is blessed with the generations of an imaginative, an industrious employee in each & every aspect of enterprise, in the whole world. 3M always welcomes the innovative people who have been creative, committed & eccentric.

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