Describe how 3 of your organisation’s HR and L

Describe how 3 of your organisation’s HR and L

Describe how 3 of your organisation’s HR and L;D activities support its strategy, goals and business objectives. (AC3.1) (approx 250 words)
Recruitment is the starting point to have good candidate can lead the company. Recruitment has to have right process to have good candidate such as having complete job description, short listed the cvs according to job description, having good interviews etc… . We are having on our company recruitment department working hardly to select the perfect and qualified candidates. We understand on our organization that when we are having good candidate means leading it for good production and quality. That will be affect our organization profitability. As we are having good recruitment process our company employees lead the company to have good reputation with our client. Our company name is from the short listed to our client that having good quality and good production.

Human resources on our department can knows the required training from the performance appraisal and the line manager of the department . As we know how the training is important to the employees, we having yearly budget for it. We are having external and internal training. We introduce the internal training currently as we see it’s a saving cost. The training benefits for employees is to have experience, coaching, mentoring and self-learning skills. We found the training helping our organization growth and profit.

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Performance Appraisal:
Performance appraisal is evaluating the employees for past and current relative to his or her performance standers or objectives. Performance appraisal on our organization having 3 stages are setting work objectives, helping the employee’s actual performance relative to those objectives and providing feedback to the employees with the purpose of decreasing performance deficiencies or continue to perform the same. The performance appraisal’s goals align with organization goals like mission and vision of the organization. This will help the workforce planning and employee engagement. All of these can have good benefits on the organization goals and growth.
2.Explain the role of your HR and L&D functions in supporting line managers and staff. Give 3 examples of activities that HR and L&D undertake to support these colleagues. (AC3.2) (approx 250 words)

A description of the learning process you went through in order to write this assignment; what you knew about your HR and L&D functions before you attended Module 1, what you learned during the module, and as a result of carrying out this report. (approx 100 words)
You should also include 3-5 references from up-to-date and relevant sources in order to support your findings. Please ensure that all reference sources are acknowledged correctly.

1-   Practical assignment of the course by Mr. Tem Malone
2-   www.linkedin.com3-   Module 1 CIPD Level 3 course notebook 
4- human Resources Management,fifteen Edition, Gary Dessler,published by Pearson Education 2017 


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