Delta main principles of Delta Airlines work

Delta main principles of Delta Airlines work

Delta Air Lines, Inc #Case 2 General Description Delta was founded by C.

E. Woolman, an agricultural extension agent. As a top company in the Airline industry Delta Air Lines specialize in domestic and international flights.The general business activity and principal products or commercial enterprise of Delta Air Lines are categorized as being part of the Airline Industry, The key to Delta’s success was its focus on human relations and has always differentiated itself from other airlines by its customer service, Delta retained a loyal workforce by paying competitive wages, treating personnel equitably as it grew, and adopting a “no-layoff policy” even in merger situation (delta promised job security and higher wages for existing employees). Delta Air Lines, Inc Culture, Information, Human Resource Policies and Programs | Explanation|Mission| Delta Air Lines Mission Statement:”We—Delta’s employees, customers, and community partners together form a force for positive local and global change, dedicated to bettering standards of living and the environment where we and our customers live and work. “| Goals & Experiences| Delta Airlines has a family oriented culture where the employees are considered to be essential for the success of the organization.

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Delta has established several goals and principles which are crucial for the success of the company .The strict observance of honesty and integrity are the fundamental organizational goals in which no employee will violate the code of conduct in the company . It seeks to promote employment loyalty and tolerance between its employees Excellence and integrity are the main principles of Delta Airlines work environment| Slogan| A slogan is a short, memorable catch phrase, tagline or motto used to identify a product or company in advertisements. The advertising slogan, or business slogan most associated with Delta Air Lines, is:”Delta Air Lines. We love to fly. And it shows.

| HR General Strategy| A great reputation in the industry enabled Delta to recruit and select only the best employees who had skills and attitudes that fit well into the company’s family-oriented culture, Delta invested more than most airlines in training, Non-union status allowed for flexible work rules that let employees react to any situation and get the job done, Delta’s internal promotion system led to long employee tenure and a workforce with a wealth of experience and knowledge, relatively high pay also encouraged employees to stay with Delta for the long haul because they believed the company cared about them. Rewards ; Recognition| Program Above ; Beyond. Initiatives by Integrated Customer Service (ICS) team, which selected 125 of Delta’s people best people to poll frontline co-workers.

The objectives are to instil a sense of ownership in Delta and its customer, motivate to improve customer satisfaction levels, build teamwork and camaraderie among Delta people. | Continuous Improvement Teams| The continuous Improvement Team Support Group is responsible for establishing, training, supporting, and recognizing continuous improvement teams at Delta Air Lines. Delta’s Personnel Assistance Programs Office| Providing programs and resources designed to generate solutions to workplace productivity problems consist of Alcohol Recovery Program, Critical Incident Response Program, Management Consultations, Mental Health Benefits, Workplace Violence, and Lunch ; Learn.

| Delta Customer Commitment| Maintaining a highly motivated, productive, and satisfied workforce by providing leading-edge training, technology tracking capabilities, outstanding safety, renowned benefits, and dedicated personnel services. | Short Analysis and Recommendation . Delta has made great strides, but there is room for improvement. How should Delta continue to regain the commitment of its employee in order to attain #1 status? Discuss your strategic recommendation? How are your suggestion linked to improve customer satisfaction? In company historical, Delta had a core competence on human relations by paying competitive wages, treating personnel equitably as it grew, and adopting a “no-layoff policy”. But in 1990s, things were changing. Major business trends altered the competitive climate, and HR strategy had to change too.

In 1994, after two straight years of record financial losses, CEO Ron Allen rolled out a new strategy called “Leadership 7. 5. ” Allen aimed to reduce Delta’s cost per available seat mile (CASM) from more than 10 cents to 7. 5 cents, which would match that of major competitor Southwest Airlines.

Along with a new business strategy came a massive transformation of Delta’s HR strategy This changing policy decimated employee morale and resulted in a drop customer service (evidenced by meteoric rise in customer complaints), efforts to unionize, and disaffection among personnel.Delta couldn’t keep the past primary policy about human resources so there were several significant changes in Delta’s organization and corporate culture. There are many programs that Delta has built after passing through the cost-cutting restructuring in 1997 (Mullin as CEO) for getting back its competencies on customer relationships like Rewards ; Recognition program Above ; Beyond, Continuous Improvement Teams, Delta’s Personnel Assistance Programs Office, and Delta Customer Commitment.

The recommendation is Delta must be persistence and consistence with their management’s offering based on Two very different overall HR strategies, labeled “commitment” and “control,” have been identified and analyzed (Arthur, 1992). The commitment HR strategy would include: Broadly defined tasks, high levels of employee participation, highly skilled workers, extensive training, high wages, high benefits. However, the control HR strategy would represent the opposite: Narrowly defined jobs, low participation, low skill requirements, intense supervision or control, limited training, low wages, low benefits.

. As Delta continues to expand globally, how should the company face the ongoing challenge of finding the right balance between profits and employees? Discuss how management should be accountable for employees’ needs and concerns.. Issues of trust between the teams (top – bottom level) is really important because it has significant implications for the effectively of many programs and policies by management participative (keeping the open doors’ policy), effective Communication, and the personnel commitment.Based on the literature, the best HR strategies always stay focused on getting the best performance from employees.

Usually, this means getting employees to have something (skills, competencies, abilities), feel something (commitment, engagement, motivation), do something (come to work, be productive, serve customers, stay with the organization). If Delta Air Lines HR practices are correctly designed and put in place, they will get the best employee performance, which means you’ll get the best overall company performance as well.

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