Definition of contemporary issues is any event

Definition of contemporary issues is any event

Definition of contemporary issues is any event, idea, opinion or topic which is an ongoing or recent development in the world that is relevant of interest in the certain field.

The issue that I have chosen to discuss today is the noise pollution in the Aviation/Aerospace industry. There are three types of noise that are produced by the aircraft. They are mechanical noise which is from the rotation of the engine parts it is more obvious when the fan blade reaches supersonic speeds. Next is the aerodynamic noise which is produced by the airflow around the surfaces of the aircraft when it is flying low at high speeds. Lastly, it is the noise from the aircraft systems which comes from the cockpit and cabin pressure and conditioning system and Auxiliary power units. World health organization studies have shown long-term exposure to traffic noise could account for 3% of deaths related to heart disease (Telegraph,2007).

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Aircraft noises cause nuisance and uncomfortableness to the people around the area when it is maneuvering around. Studies in the United Kingdom and the United States have mentioned that most people who live near the airport who are exposed to continual loud aircraft sound face an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. A study by British Medical Journal mentioned that people living in the vicinity of Heathrow airport are most probably 10-20% likely to be admitted to the hospital with a stroke, coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease (Boseley. S, 2013 ).

Potential solutions:

The potential solution is the following, it is possible to make a few adjustments to the current design of the aeroplane. One such suggestion would be using a blended fuselage of the body and the wings of the aircraft this will then help to limit the aerodynamic noise of the aircraft. Next solution is placing the engines above the body of the aircraft than the usual way of it being placed below the wings. This will allow the noise waves to travel upwards hence less noise pollution would be produced. The last potential solution would be making the buildings sound proof to avoid any noises from causing any harm or disturbance to the people around the vicinity of the aircraft flying area.

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