Is as the personification of family. She

Is as the personification of family. She

Is Linda a supportive or destructive force in her husband’s life?“Death Of A Salesman” by Arthur Miller shows the gradual collapse of Wily Loman. Linda Loman is a destructive force in Willy Loman’s life through her excessivesupport.

His wife, Linda attempts to help him by continuos support andencouragement. Although she knows he is distressed, she persuades him tobelieve he is successful and well-liked. She conceals the truth in order to protecther husband.Linda is described as the personification of family.

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She holds the familytogether by encouraging her husband and protecting him from heartbreak. Shesupports Willy’s confidence and defends him against criticism. Her excessivesupport is a pathetic effort to protect his identity. Linda will never admit to herself,nor anyone else that Willy is a failure.

She allows him to believe he is moresuccessful than he really is. Linda can be described as “ordinary, loving, and a blindleader of the blind.” Linda is aware that Willy is borrowing money in order toprovide Linda with a weekly paycheck. She is also aware that Willy has attemptedto kill himself several times, yet she remains silent and avoids confrontation.

Linda’s silent nature has proven to be unsuccessful in her attempts to help Willy, orto hold the family together. Her personality lacks the strength to speak up andforce Willy to face reality. Critics have described Linda as “profoundlyunsatisfactory” as a character, not the lest bit sexually interesting, and incapable ofplaying a significant role in her husband’s dreams.” Linda’s personality disguise isdemonstrated throughout the film by the use of dialogues and actions. Generallya sane character, she is capable of dramatic outbursts.

Often appearing in thebackground, behind the rest of the characters, Linda is shown as an insignificantrole in her family, unable to provide with them the help that they need. Willyrefers to her as “my foundation and my support.” She serves as the typicalsupportive wife , saying things like: “don’t you feel well. look terrible..

.I got anew type of American cheese today-it’s whipped” and, “take aspirin, it will makeyou feel better.” She is reserved, staying in her place, and never questioning outloud Willy’s objectives.

Linda lacks the strength to stand up to her husband, shecan’t even look him in the face. Aware of his attempted suicides, she would notconfront Willy about it, but took it upon herself to remove the rubber pipe that heplaced on the gas pipe, only to replace it before he returned home. She issympathetic, but refers to Willy as a “small man,” although she states “but he is ahuman being and a terrible thing is happening to him, so attention must be paid!” After his death Linda states “Willy dear, I can’t cry, why did you do it?” Linda hasnever been able to understand Willy, he will forever remain a mystery to her. Through Linda’s extreme support, her husband’s downfall resulted. Lindawas aware of this, yet she did not say nor do anything to help him.

She plays asignificant role in the downfall of her husband. Her attempts to help him are notonly a destructive force, and eventually lead to his death. These examples provethat Linda’s excessive support is a destructive force in Willy Loman’s life. English Essays

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