De Petrillo

De Petrillo

De Petrillo, L., & Winner, E. (2005), Pizarro, J. (2004) and Slayton, S., D’ Archer, J., ; Kaplan F. (2010), they focused on the effectiveness of art therapy in improving the mood and health of a person, who are suffering from a mental disorder and traumatic experience. They investigated whether art making improves mood and examined if art therapy is as effective as writing therapy in improving psychological and health outcomes by using different alternative tools in art making. In conclusion, they proved that art-making improved health, mood, and reduce stress. In doing so, via either catharsis or redirection. They state that expressive art therapy focuses on providing not only strategic and specific art materials approaches to address anxiety, fears, and trauma reactions. They also state that using guided imagery, mind-body stress reduction, and relaxation techniques as a tool for making an art and imagination to help and support children’s in coping skills address problems, enhance resiliency, and reduce trauma reactions.


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