D2 2

D2 2

2. 1. Types of health and social care services and examples:
Heath and social care abbreviated to HSC or H&SC is a generic term used to refer to the entire healthcare infrastructure in both public and private sector. These services are usually divided into 4 categories statutory, private, voluntary and informal, these services are then put into subcategories such as those listed below;
Three of these categories are:
Statutory: these are service that are provided by the government such as Hospitals, Schools, Social services and education.

Informal: these are service that are rendered by unpaid people in the community or people that wants to help others such as churches, community aids and family or friends.Voluntary: these are services that are done by non-profitable organisations or because you just want to help such as Mencap (Mentally Handicap Children and Adults) and NSPCC (National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to children).

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Examples of these Services:
Case Studies
Teenage Pregnancies
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
Child Poverty and Homelessness
Mental Health and well-being
Drug misuse
Mental health and well-being and Child poverty and homelessness is listed under the statutory category because these are services that are funded by the government generally in the case of social services.

Cancer, case studies and drug misuse are listed under the voluntary category because these services provided by non-profit making organisations that are usually registered as a charity such as the National Society for the prevention of Cruelty to children (NSPCC).

Family and friends are listed under informal category because these services are provided out of love and care without any consideration of getting paid or rewarded.


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