d its population is of 817

d its population is of 817

d its population is of 817,054 million (Worldometers, 2018). Almost every part of the country is occupied by mountains comprising of a number of glaciers which is connected to its Lakes. The mountain acts as a contributor as it provides a source of drinking water for the nearby valleys. The world has experienced many cases of the adverse effect of climate. One of the cases of climate change in Bhutan is the rising glacial melt and the risk of its outburst. On one hand glacier serves as a major water source and on the other it possesses a lot of danger to the nearby communities. The risk of higher glacial melt has been amplified in the particular area due to rising temperature and this has increased the risk of GLOF occurrence in the future. It holds a potential danger to the lives, livelihood and in a huge scale development of the country.


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