Cultural bring people of different races and

Cultural bring people of different races and

Cultural Blending Effecting Society In history, there are many ways that cultural diffusion effect society. Trading, migrating, and even wars can bring people of different races and religions together, creating the blending of multiple cultures. Mixed traditions can change the way people do things. It can create new religions, with fresh and interesting views. It can change the way that governments rule or how people make their decisions. The blended ideas of all the different cultures spread and create a new pattern of behavior in society.

In the early A.D. 100s, the Romans conquered Greece, absorbing ideas from Greek colonists and borrowing from Greek culture.

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Greek art, literature, philosophy, and science influenced the way the Romans did things. Many Romans spoke Greek and copied Greek styles in prose and poetry. They borrowed much of their philosophy from the Greeks. They stressed the importance of duty and acceptance of one’s fate, and they also showed concern for the well-being of all people.

Roman sculptors also stressed realism in their art, just like the previous ways of the Greeks.They generally left scientific research to the Greeks, who were citizens of the Roman Empire by that time. A Greek doctor insisted on using experiments to prove a conclusion, helping to advance the frontiers of medical science.

As far as government goes, the Romans, for the most part, developed their own ruling techniques, like civil law for example. However, they did take the common principles of Greek rule, and applied it to their own principles that are familiar to Americans today.Another example of cultural diffusion is in the Safavid Empire around the 1500s.

In 1587, Shah Abbas, or Abbas the Great, took the throne of the empire. He helped to create a Safavid culture and golden age that used ideas from the Ottoman, Persian, and Arab worlds. Shah Abbas limited the power of the military and created two new armies, one of these being an army of Persians, and the other was one that he recruited from the Christian north and was modeled after the Ottoman divisions.Then, to convince European merchants that he ruled an empire tolerant of other religions, he brought members of Christian religious orders into the empire.

This resulted in many Europeans moving into the Safavid Empire, thus creating new industry, trade, and art exchanges between the empire and different European nations. The Shah built a new capital called Esfahan, into which he brought hundreds of Chinese artisans. The Chinese and Safavid artisans worked together to produce new artwork, such as intricate metalwork, calligraphy, glasswork, etc.This mixture rose to artwork that blended both Chinese and Persian ideas. Then, in the 16th century, Shah Abbas sent artists to Italy to study under a popular Renaissance artist. They brought back rugs that reflected European designs.

This shows that the multiple cultures blending together can cause a change in society. So, as you can see, and like it has been repeated many times, cultural blending, or diffusion, does effect society. The Romans combining with Greek culture changed the history, and appearance of Rome and all the cities within the Roman Empire.The Safavid Empire being combined with many different cultures, such as the Persians and Chinese, created more complex views and traditions, new artwork, and even different religions.

Society changed, mostly for the better, as the culture became more complex. This opened people to new ideas and helped create a very diverse way of life. Works Cited * Prentice Hall World History Book – Chapter 6, Section 3 * http://docushare. ycs. k12.

pa. us/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-23034/W5D18BAD. pdf

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