Is reflect the central role of the customer

Is reflect the central role of the customer

Is it Strategic? A CRM program contains complicated business and technology issues. Though, they require significant investments of time and money. Adapting a CRM tool does not make any change in small business’s performance.

A company has to understand their goal. They has to clear about till what extinct they are related to the customer. If the target is not truly strategic than CRM system fails to the business. According to Bob Iger, Walt Disney Co. ’s president and COO – year 2000 was peak year in terms of revenue of $43.

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million but after 2001 terrorist attacks. Revenue of Walt Disney goes down significantly till year 2003. Iger blamed the slow performance on lower hotel occupancy rates and a decline in attendance. Disney constantly decreases their tickets prices but still people not visit to the theme parks. Management has decide to take risky chance and introduced the CRM system using IT technology to reinvent the customer experience and ease crowding to all over the parks.

Company’s main goal was to improve services for visitors by giving more personalized environment.Do we need perfect data? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) grows in the past decade to reflect the central role of the customer for the strategic positioning of a company. CRM takes a holistic view over customers because one of the key issues is to understand the behaviour of customers, which comes to know from real-time information. In any customer relationship management systems having ability to deliver real-time information to give marketers, salespeople and managers a clear picture of what’s happening in the market at any particular moment.For getting real-time information, a system requires data integration. Data integration is series of steps, each one critical to achieve a technical environment that can support the CRM efforts. Walt Disney applies the same strategy to gathering the perfect data.

They named ‘Disney’s new customer experience strategy’, the company’s intention to supplement technology virtually and physically. Company hopes of personalizing the park experience.It begins with an expanded database of customer information that can be updated.

Basically company wants to know, how many time customers visited to theme parks twice in a row. Company also assume visitor’s buying behaviour and personal preferences in real time. Refine those assumptions as it gathered more data about customers.

Company wants to make all the customer information accessible across the all lines of business, so that any employee at any time can access or add information to a visitor’s profile.Another initiative was specifically intended to raise new revenues and group business bookings by encouraging family members, to plan their reunion or group event at Disney World. Reference: CRM done right – case study given by professor. <http://www.

dtc. umn. edu/ddmc/resources/crm. pdf> <http://www.

cioinsight. com/c/a/Past-News/Case-Study-Walt-Disney-World-Resorts-and-CRM-Strategy/> Where do we go from here? Upcoming years we will see, Disney may use internet to capture the email address of it’s every visitors or potential visitors.Disney will think about to expand its digital-imaging services – Disney staffs. Let visitors staying at a Disney hotel use their room television sets to review and buy photographs taken of them on rides during the day.

Disney resorts will improve their fast pass, a service that allows visitors to schedule ride times, which leads to avoiding long lines. Disney observers trying to apply more pyrotechnics such as pay-as-you-go pricing against one fee for the entire day, data smart cards linked to Disney’s customer database.This way could be help to Disney, to return a multitiered pricing structure like the old A-ride, E-ride approach, which charged customers more for the best and most popular rides. The concepts are just another view of the effort to use technology to customer retention to the parks and perhaps segmentation customization would help to improve the frequency of their business. <http://www.

cioinsight. com/c/a/Past-News/Case-Study-Walt-Disney-World-Resorts-and-CRM-Strategy/>

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