Critical vastly experienced in joint replacements, tumor, and

Critical vastly experienced in joint replacements, tumor, and

Critical review The essay Right To Die was written by Sanjay A Pai. Dr. Sanjay Pai is an orthopedic surgeon vastly experienced in joint replacements, tumor, and pelvic surgery.

He has been doing joint replacement surgery for Hip, Shoulder and Knees for the last 16 years. The other firsthand essay was written by Barbara Huttman. Barbara Huttman was born on 1935 and she holds two degrees in nursing and has worked in that profession for more than thirty years. She has written a number of articles on the ethical dilemmas faced by medical professional.

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In 1982, she published Code Blue: A Nurse’s True Life Story. “A Crime of Compassion” was first published in Newsweek in 1983. When she told the story that year on the “Phil Donahue Show,” she was called a murderer by some members of the audience. They both wrote about the same issue it is about euthanasia. Euthanasia is a very sensitive issue where we need to know about. Both of the authors tried to explain the issue about euthanasia to other through their article.

They want to bring the attention of the public towards euthanasia.They both agree on euthanasia and submit more positive points about it. Both author’s have their own different style of writing an article. Both of them wrote those articles in their very own view which is different from each other. They have different perspective, arguments, and approach to explain and justify their position. Dr. Sanjay article is based on various independent researches done on public and professionals respond about euthanasia.

He also has written in a formal academic writing style. Huttman has written a more personal perspective and her own firsthand experience.It make the readers to understand those situation she mentioned by putting ourselves into it or by relating it to a real life incident gone through by us or our relatives and close friends.

Dr. Sanjay use researches and statics to support his points. But most of his researches just concentrated at one country that is India. He gathered the information just from view of professionals at India. Even though he uses the statics from America, his article will be better by including researches from around the world.

He even talk about the consequences of allowing euthanasia and what are the positive and negative effect.Moreover he introduce about “a bill called the Medical Futility Bill”, a practical suggestion has been put forward by Mason and Mulligan about euthanasia in his article. On the other hand, Huttman use of description was very detailed and very real. Reading this essay was like watching it on television. Every sentence was described with so much depth; there was no need to imagine the scenery or the excitement of the hospital. The healthy police officer was described as a young, witty macho cop with thirty-two pounds of attack equipment.When reading this, the vision of a man in a blue uniform with his gun and walkie-talkie enters the mind.

When the man had been diagnosed with lung cancer he was described as a sixty pound skeleton being kept alive by liquid food poured down a tube. Huttman should be commended for the selection of her words which were simple and easy to understand compared to the article by Dr. Sanjay.

The words she choose d were easier to be understood so this article can be read by a wide range of people from the professional group until the layman. But the article by Dr.Sanjay was more complicated and compact. He has used medical terms in this article which only can be understood by professionals in medical field. He even used some diseases name example amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He fail to explain about the disease. The article more like a medical research.

Even Huttman have used the term blue cord and a no-code order she explain about it very well “I asked the doctor for a “no code” order. Without that order, we had to resuscitate every patient who stopped breathing”. The language Huttman used was strong.

She used the terms like “smell of decaying flesh”, “legal twilight zone” and “death-denying society” Huttmann, in a sense, begins to bring the reader into the situation which she encounters. She also brings the reader into perception that then was when she decided to do something. She describes this point well by saying, “The desperation in his eyes and voice riddled me with guilt. “It’ll stop,” I told him as I injected the pain medication”. Well Dr.

Sanjay performs his article as the collection of peoples comment on the issue of euthanasia.He has included what the great people like Mahatma Gandhi thinks of the issues. Even he included the experience of people who ended their life with euthanasia the poet- Dylan Thomas. “At least two famous people ended their lives with euthanasia – the poet, Dylan Thomas, who ironically implored his father to ‘not go into that good night – rage, rage against the dying of the light’ as well Sigmund Freud”. He so have used some catchy terms to compare the argument of euthanasia as killing and murdering “these two concepts is as different as that between love-making and rape”.After thoroughly analyzing both articles, it can be clearly stated that both the authors were trying to deliver the same messenger about euthanasia but from different points of view and different style of writing. Huttmann constructs a well-written essay that summarizes each detail of her experience.

She lets her readers into her and her patient’s life, letting you feel what it was like from her and Mac’s point of view. I think she did a good job. She succeeds in her aim to make the readers to realize and think about euthanasia.Her main point was, in essence, saying that you as a person have the right to die. Huttmann proves her point to the greatest extent through her essay.

She ends by saying that “We do not have the right to die”. Dr. Sanjay he did a good job by making his article knowledge full. But his article is very compact where he has used certain terms like “Icchamaran”. He should explain more about his points to make it easier for readers to understand the article very well.

Because it’s pointless if the authors couldn’t convince the readers by the article if it’s hard to understand the article.

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