Lord criminal has already served his sentence,

Lord criminal has already served his sentence,

Lord Bolingbroke said that History is philosophy teaching by example and also by warning. Often, our actions revolved around the past.

Only when learning from the past then can we prevent and come up with better solutions to alleviate future crimes. We cannot afford to forget past crimes and the lessons it teaches us. Crimes that were committed many years ago should not be forgotten that easily.

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Some people believe that crimes committed should just be forgotten for everyone to move on with their lives since those crimes are historical events, which are meaningless to remember now.They feel that this is particularly true for the younger generation who feel detached from such occurrence. Take the younger Jewish Americans for example, who maintain a neutral stand towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, these people are only making generalisations. Do you think victims can forget these pained incidents that easily? Alexander Pope once said “to err is human; to forgive is divine. ” Some believed that crimes committed in the past should be forgotten because criminals should be forgiven for their mistakes.

However in my opinion, even though a criminal has already served his sentence, some of his victims will always remember the suffering he caused. What is done cannot be undone, it stays with them for life. This is clearly shown by the fact that many Chinese are still unable to forgive and forget the crimes the Japanese committed during World War II. The aftermath of crimes do not just impact those that were directly related, it affects everyone around them.

The victims of sexual assault often suffer from psychological trauma and secondary victimisation.It is not possible to undo the damage crimes have caused to the victims. Simply forgetting them would underestimate the severity of the criminals’ wrongdoings.

Founding President of Africa, Sam Nujoma, said history should not be forgotten, nor should people keep it to themselves but should share it with the young generation. Although some victims of atrocious crimes may have already passed on, every day, the ones who survived have to bear the burden of losing their loved ones. Memories of the pain they endured will keep throbbing their minds, robbing them of the better life they could have without these memories.There are still families who will never forget, for example, what happened to Nazi Germany and in the concentration camps. Just forgetting these crimes is not an option to them. Some past crimes are so severe that even denying the truth is an offence.

Take the eleven countries that have laws against Holocaust denial for example. Crimes committed many years ago should not be forgotten and instead be remembered for the sufferings they caused. The world must always remember our persistent fight against crimes against humanity. There is no time limit on murder.

Criminals who committed crimes must be prosecuted and never let them go free. Although some believed that World War II ended sixty years ago and we should not continue to persecute Nazi officials, I firmly feel that they should be punished for their crimes. The amount of time that has passed does not affect the fact that crimes were committed and people were victimised.

A criminal record serves as a lifelong reminder for the criminals. In our current civilised society, there are people who still hold ideologies, which might trigger future crimes.Not forgetting nor forgiving the criminals will send a message to the world that these crimes will not be tolerated. Past crimes should be remembered and recorded as it is important as references for future investigations. Jack The Ripper and the Zodiac Killer are notorious criminals whose monstrous killings is still etched in many minds although they were committed decades ago. The Federal Bureau of Investigation kept such records for use lest similar crimes are committed.

Criminal records help to secure our safety. There have been cases of criminals who re-commit offenses.Information of these criminals would aid the police force in stopping and preventing them from hurting anyone else again. The example of a convicted pedophile, who worked for a social services agency in Victoria after he was released, stresses on the seriousness of checking criminal records and failure to do so would put everyone at risk. Despite so, I do believe that there are exceptions where past offenses should be forgotten. It is pointless to remember and bear a grudge against ex-convicts who committed minor crimes such as shoplifting, theft and robberies.This is especially so if they were children or adolescents who should be entitled to a second chance in life.

Committing crimes when they were young and immature should not be an obstacle to their future. We should punish those who deserves to be, and remember the crimes they committed. Doing so will serve as a lesson for the ignorant with similar intentions. Forgetting crimes that were committed many years ago would do injustice to the victims who have been suffering since then. I strongly believed that the world should unite in the war against these heinous crimes.

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