Courtroom to this are that people, who do

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Courtroom Workgroups Courtroom Workgroups are a group of everyone normally involved in a formal trial working together in a non-formal fashion.

Their main goal is to try and avoid any delays and to avoid formal trials as best they can. I think this system works better than the formal system, because it speeds things up and, like the book says, most people who get that far in the system are usually guilty. Some of the Pros to this is, like I said, it speeds things up with the trial and is more efficient.

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And it also makes it so people don’t have to come to jury duty. Nobody likes jury duty. This also takes out much of the unnecessary and very time consuming trials. This is a good thing. It also provides practice cases for newer lawyers to get there career going in the right direction. The Cons to this are that people, who do like jury duty, don’t get to go. And also the public might not like it as much.

People like big trials.It gives them something to talk about. When you take that away, they may not like the system so much.

They may also think that they are not being involved as much as they should be, since there is no jury. In conclusion, I feel I have explained the basic elements and operations of a sociocultural system known as a courtroom workgroup. I have also learned why there is not very many trials, and when there is one, why it is such a big deal.

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