Coursework Header Sheet 238990-39 Course RESE1075

Coursework Header Sheet 238990-39 Course RESE1075

Coursework Header Sheet
Course RESE1075: Fdns of Scholar & Res MethdsCourse School/Level B/PG
Coursework Portfolio 2 Assessment Weight 16.00%
Tutor D AdebanjoSubmission Deadline 23/10/2017

Coursework is receipted on the understanding that it is the student’s own work and that it has not, in whole or part, been presented elsewhere for assessment. Where material has been used from other sources it has been properly acknowledged in accordance with the University’s Regulations regarding Cheating and Plagiarism.

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001003122                  Dewansh Dubey 
Tutor’s comments                                       
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External liberalization by India and China: recent experience and future challenges
India is developing county and has undergone many economic reforms in last couple of decades and one such major revamp was liberalization .it simply means less of government control over the trade policies which will enable organizations to trade more freely and help in growing nation’s economy. In the above article, the author intends to show how India and china has progressed post liberalization and what were changes that Indian economy has gone through. He has also tried to weigh India’s trade performance with china by comparing the measures taken by both the nations to adapt to this change.
Author has reviewed the policies embraced by India and china and has made comparative analysis between them which helped them to develop new trade patterns and achieve sustainable growth in various sectors. During recession both India and china suffered as there was a dip in demand of their products in global market. However, both the nations managed to minimize the impact of financial crisis. China shifted its economic control from central government to local government which allowed them operate freely and regulate trade policies. In addition, they also invested in rural development and offered tax and trade incentives giving boost to foreign direct investments. On the other hand, reinforced its financial sector by strengthening its policies and controlling its capital outflows. Although economies of the countries have rapidly grown India still lags behind china and the major reasons could be china better labour market, more developed infrastructure and better governance over its market.Chinas average GDP from 1980-2017 was 9.8% in comparison of Indias 6.23%
Finally, the author has pointed out on future challenges that would India would face with its current trade policies. If we compare it with china, Indian market is less open to foreign direct investment and also the manufacturing sector has not tasted expected success. He has also provided with some valuable suggestions which would be key element in India’s progress. India should focus on developing manufacture units within country and also must be open to foreign investment which will help to sustain in such highly competitive market.

Morrison,W.M(2017) China’s Economic Rise: History, Trends, Challenges, and Implications for the United States. Congressional research service online,pp.1-5.Available from- 21 October 2017.

Statistic –

Strategy, organization and leadership in a new “transient-advantage” world
Business is a dynamic process. In today’s competitive environment organization needs to react to new challenges and adapt quickly to ever changing such challenge observed in current corporate world is that they have to focus on transient -advantage. It means that a company should be continuously innovative and focus on its short-term advantages. In the above case study prof Leavy has made an attempt to provide us with some determining suggestions to tackle some basic problems of competition and to cope up with pace at which transformation is taking place. He aims in creating awareness in organization about new trend and provide them with solution which will enable to carry out different functions smoothly.
The author has made detailed analysis on three different books and has evaluated different aspects and strategies demonstrated in each book which can beneficial from a company’s point of view. In the first book “The end of competitive advantage” by Rita Gunther McGrath author has come up with a very intriguing idea of “transient-advantage” against the conventional strategies. In the second book “Accelerate” John Kotter has developed a new concept of dual operating system which focuses on management and its strategy team working together which reduce the pressure of innovation and creativity from one particular team resulting in continuous innovation rather than being occasional. In the third book “the good struggle “Joseph Badarraco has provided his expert advice to leaders which facilitate them in developing skill required to functions in today’s contentious background.

So, to sum up the detailed study of prof Leavy in the above article has provided us with three different opinions like timely renewal of strategies, building organization and inculcating new leadership skills. This is an indication that companies must continuously thrive hard to be more innovative in order to sustain in market. These outlooks will help leader to be more responsible and efficient, ultimately leading to overall success of the institution however, this should just not be theoretical knowledge but it should be practically implemented in the organizations

Review of ” Turn it In” report
Plagiarism is a fraudulent activity of falsifying ideas and thoughts of some other authors as our own work without giving recognition or reference to the work. Nowadays, universities follow a strict guideline which every student has to abide. Similarly, University of Greenwich also has academic misconduct policies to keeps it value of integrity and honesty intact.

After reviewing the above Turn it in report we can easily make out that students have made some critical errors of sham paraphrasing and not providing directly copying work of some author without giving appropriate reference to it which is part of plagiarism and can lead to some serious penalties.

In university of Greenwich the scale of offense is divided into three parts minor, moderate and major. University follows a procedure to deal with such offense. Firstly, the offense is reported to head of department who examines it carefully then the report is forwarded to assessment committee to investigate further. In the above case penalty of penalty of theft or falsification may be imposed. Which indicates the grades of student will reduced or even they may be provided with grade 0 % depending upon scale of offense and students will be prohibited from reassessing their work. This case will be then maintained by faculty in their record which is not good for students from future prospects. Therefore, it highly recommended that students should refrain from such activities.



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