It are in the community. Hearing other stories

It are in the community. Hearing other stories

It is not realized that all thing activities that everyone does contribute to the college community setting. Everyone has a talent that can make the community college better and work more productively. All that I have achieved in life can not only make my life better, but could also benefit others who are in the community. Hearing other stories and achievements can allow someone to make a better decision when it comes to the point when they need to make a life’s goal.I cannot say that my life experience can benefit the college community but I can say that I can have an impact on some people within the college community. Just having an impact on a group with the college community could make huge changes within just one community.

I stay involved within the community that I live in by volunteering within the community and within my church. I feel that when someone gives, and not expect something back, it can make a community a superior place.Pitching in just a little, could prove more than what was given. As for my academic interest, it is in business management.

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I feel with a degree in business management I could bring more jobs into the college community. Owning and operating my own business will allow me to have control over how many people I could hire and how many job opportunities others could have. Having a place where people can have an equal opportunity to gain experience within the work force is something that all community colleges should have.With extracurricular activities, I try to stay involved with my community as much as I can. Working with others benefits everyone in many different ways.

Being involved within the church and other volunteering activities not only gives back to the community but it also gives me a sense of being. Helping other can contributing to making a better place to live and a place where everyone can help others in need.

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