Conclusions In brief

Conclusions In brief

In brief, branch #2 of Phoenix Advertising has fallen below the level of production and client satisfaction. The high moral and positive attitude that once prevailed has dropped and has constituted this circumstance due to lack of compensation, communication, training and work overload. The Roanoke branch was the leading advertising company in the Virginia with branch #2; we now trail behind our competitors in both production and customer service.
1. Approach with employee compensation must be controlled: Salaried employees must be given PTO days as stated in their contract. Salaried employees, who haven’t qualified for PTO days, will be granted meal allowance. Employees should regain some assurance once this is rectified.
2. Art directors are required to meet daily with graphic designers to discuss current project changes, updates and final outcome. This will reduce extended work hours and increase client satisfaction for product delivery.
3. Art directors will not modify work without consulting graphic designers and clients. Product achievement is a team effort and input on a whole should help employee attitude improve.
4. Management is required to attend traditional procedure and customer service training immediately. The insurance, that staff is being supervised appropriately and customer satisfaction returning to accustomed levels, alleviate major concerns.
5. Account services managers must consult the art directors, graphic artists and previous clients before taking on any more new accounts. Also, the managers must attend the training courses given by Phoenix Advertising to understand how to properly conduct assistance.
6. Reassess the situation in six months. If productivity hasn’t increased, employee problems haven’t decreased, and customer service doesn’t rise, hiring another art director and account executive will be essential. Also customer satisfaction training will be mandatory for all staff a second time.


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