“Computer human brain and if one hasa real

“Computer human brain and if one hasa real

“Computer Security” by Time Life BooksThe book Computer Security written by Time Life Books, explains whatcomputer security is, how it works, and how it affects peoples lives. Withoutcomputer security peoples private information can be stolen right off theircomputer.Computer security is exactly what it sounds like. It is security on acomputer to prevent people from accessing a computer. It is very difficult tosecure a computer for a computer is like a mechanical human brain and if one hasa real human brain they can operate it.

In other words if one knows how acomputer works they can make it work. If they do not then they cannot doanything at all. This is what computer security is meant to do. It is done bymaking it only possible for someone to access a computer by using a password orby locking it up.Computer security works by many ways of password use or by locking it up.The password method is enforced by prompting a computer user to enter a passwordbefore they can access any programs or information already contained within thecomputer. Another password security method would be to have the computer usercarry a digital screen that fits in your pocket.

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This digital screen receivesan encrypted message and displays numbers that change every few minutes. Thesenumbers make the password one needs for the next few minutes in order to accessthe computer. This password method is somewhat new. It is also better, for theprevious password method is not totally fool proof. This is because thepasswords are stored in the computer and if a computer literate person was toaccess this information, they could get into a computer and enter it looking asif they were someone else for they have obtained someone else’s password.

Inthe future when technology increasingly gets better there are possibilities thata computer could use you hand, inner eye, or voice print. Currently thesemethods are not used but they are right around the corner. The only other wayto absolutely secure a computer would be to lock it up but with computernetworks these days that cannot be easily done unless dealing with a singlepersonal computer.Computer security has become such a big issue due to the huge amount ofloss in profits by businesses.

This happens because the computers were nottotally secure from unwanted visitors. An example of how this could happen is abig business was to spend millions of dollars on research and development thatwould only stolen by another to profit themselves. Businesses lose threehundred million to about five billion dollars yearly due to these computercriminals called hackers or computer information thieves.

Computer security has come a long way since the creation of computers.But still we cannot fully believe our computers are fully secure and safe fromunwanted snoopers. Computer security is very hard to create presently foranyone can get in if they know what to do. Right now what to do is easy but ifyou need someone’s hand to get in a computer that may be a little more difficult.Category: Technology

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