With teaching, but it is impossible for

With teaching, but it is impossible for

With the development of computer technology, more and more computers are used in teaching and learning. Therefore, some people think that computers will replace human teachers in classrooms. Personally, I completely disagree with this opinion because of the following reasons. First, as it is well known, computers are used in teaching and learning with software designed by programmers.

Hence, the teaching programs are fixed and limited. They do not contain enough knowledge that students need. The teaching software can provide all students with the same basic knowledge at the same time.However, different students have different intelligence, and their understanding abilities vary from person to person.

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Therefore, fixed programs can not offer flexible knowledge. Second, students should be given active knowledge. Teachers who had many years’ education and have abundant teaching experience can provide students with flexible teaching methods which can not be offered by fixed computer programs.

The teaching should include various kinds of subject knowledge that reflect active research fields. It needs teachers to diffuse their recent research results into their teaching, which can not be programmed into software.Last but not the least, if students always face computers, it will be very tiring. They may feel bored and lose interests. The gestures, facial expressions and tones of teachers will help students to understand knowledge easily. In a word, computers are helpful in teaching, but it is impossible for computers to replace human teachers.

I strongly disagree that human teachers will be replaced by computers, and my view is reflected in the following part of this essay. First, in classrooms, not only do students learn academic contents of different courses, (but) they also learn many other things such as communications skills.For example, some kids who enjoy solitude and prefer to keep things to themselves are more likely to be introvert and selfish. It is not a good idea for them to learn things by themselves. Instead, they should be put into classes and mix up with other kids and get advice or instructions from their human teachers. In addition, a lot of teaching software is programmed to provide learners with fixed answers to their questions. However, students always have questions or problems that machines can not deal with.

Human teachers, especially those who have rich teaching experience, are able to help in this regard.Moreover, when students have emotional or psychological problems, it is only human teachers that can help. Thirdly, even the best teaching software has defects or drawbacks. For example, computers can’t deal with learners’ problems in motivation, interests, aptitude differences, and pacing. Human teachers, in contrast, can adjust their teaching to meet the practical needs of learners. They can give smart students additional academic work so they won’t feel bored.

Meanwhile, the slow ones can receive, from their human teachers, extra assistance and catch up with the rest of the class.

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